Huh. The original Bridesmaids poster was “funny” because it had the cast of the movie wearing “pretty” wedding clothes but standing around in decidedly un-pretty poses. They looked tough and mean and over it. And also most of them were non-traditional, un-girly actors. Right? Is that the correct interpretation? I don’t want to step on any pedicured toes with this interpretation of what was going on in that movie poster from a year ago. But so I don’t even know WHAT this is. A bunch of pretty children known for being pretty and singing and dancing are standing around pretending to be women who have diarrhea? It’s a little confusing. And also to what end, exactly? Is there some kind of Tumblr Awards for Best Year Old Movie Poster Impersonation By The Cast Of A TV Show? Who and/or what is this for? Perhaps the answer will be found in your captions. Let’s hope. Fingers crossed. Legs also crossed. (Because of the diarrhea, remember? From the movie?)

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. And no diarrhea. Get it? You get it. It’s a Bridesmaids reference, silly! (Image via PopCultureBrain.)

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  1. Don’t Stop Believin’

  2. The prophesy has been fulfilled.

  3. I hope Gabe doesn’t think that Heather Morris is an irredeemable asshole

    • I think she’s one of the few entertaining characters on that show, but holy cats was she bad at being interviewed by Letterman last month. Full on icky “Dave thinks this girl is dumb and she is not helping her own cause’ territory.

      • I met Heather Morris at an airport once in Houston before she was kind of one of the big stars of that show (because I’m hip like that). She was extremely pleasant and was nice enough to talk to me even though they were calling her to board her plane and is kind of my favorite celebrity now even though I absolutely hate Glee (I think it is worse than Walking Dead). Dave needs to watch himself.

  4. This poster is a reference to the fact that maybe one of the characters is going to get married but who really cares because this show is so silly and I never ever want to meet someone who has any emotional investment it it because it would be so hard not to be a dick about it.

    • True story: I always thought I’d probably like Glee because I like musicals and a bunch of people I know watch it, but I never got around to watching it. Then when Community did the Glee-spoof episode I decided to watch a few episodes just so I would get the jokes, and I was APPALLED by how terrible it was.

  5. This picture, like their dresses, is kind of blah.

  6. Still better than the time the cast of Saved by The Bell reimagined the poster for Police Academy 6: City Under Siege

  7. The cast of Glee demonstrating how great it is that nobody even tries to have ideas that aren’t just references to something else anymore.

  8. I heard that instead of throwing out the bouquet, the bride opted instead to throw out her hip.*

    *No one liked this comment in the 100 year old bride thread, so just shopping it around.

  9. Unidentified, Unidentified, Unidentified, Unidentified, Lea Michelle, Unidentified

  10. Which one is supposed to be Jon Hamm?

  11. Bridesmaids Babies

  12. It’s to hype people up for the Oscars. The “The Help” one they did was offensive and the “The Tree of Life” one confused me.

  13. seriously?! stop it, internet. fucking cut it out.

  14. Whoever assigned parts clearly missed the mark by not making Lea Michele portray the biggest pain in the ass in the movie.

  15. “Where’s the little wheelchair one?” –Ricky Gervais

  16. Missing: Talent.

  17. The day they dress up as Heathers I will seriously cut a bitch.

  18. Barf. Retch. Hork.

  19. This is so awkward. I really want to win this caption contest, but I don’t know how to say it without sounding like a dick.

  20. Can’t wait to hear Lea Michelle shit her dress in autotune.

  21. Martha Marcy May Marlene

    • Remember when Elizabeth Olsen pees her dress when she’s sleeping? That was a really pretty shot! I feel like this somehow relates to the pooping of dresses in Bridesmaids. That shot of Maya Angelou on the street giving up and shitting? That has the makings of an iconic shot!

      Woman can be assholes AND be incontinent just like their male counterparts.

  22. OMG, you guys, it’s OBVIOUSLY because Finn and Rachel just got ENGAGED(but they’re so young!), keep up, guys, come on.

  23. Who wore it better? Ru wore it better.

  24. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  25. QUICKLY! Someone pour actual lava all over all of them while they’re all grouped together!

  26. There currently isn’t a slushie big enough…

  27. Women can do anything women can do better worse!

  28. I had a dream last night that this Glee episode went down. You were all in it.

  29. What a bunch of Lady Marys.

  30. The Glee cast, defying the transitive property.

  31. This will go down as the first lazy homage that didn’t earn Glee millions of dollars.

  32. No, why don’t you caption it. I’m cold and there are wolves after me.

  33. The only “Glee” I’ve experienced this year in regards to this show occurred when I took this program off my DVR for good.


  35. I’m confused. Where’s Terry Richardson?

  36. Pictured: Five assholes, probably

  37. Glee! We do movies too because fuck you!

  38. I wonder how many wedding photographers are incorporating this theme into their bridal party shoots. All of them?

    • ugh gross. you would not believe how many wedding photographers have photos of everybody jumping at the same time. it makes me want to throw up all over the photos. this is our generations “jumping up at the same time”

  39. Always a duck face, never a human.

  40. No assholes were bleached during the making of this photograph.

  41. i don’t get it

  42. People are terrible.

  43. GLEE: Now officially less than a year behind things you give a shit about.

  44. If this is a promo for an upcoming Wilson Phillips-themed episode than I’m all for it.

  45. By re-enacting the lady poop scene, they will have written the next season of Glee.


  47. *Spoiler Alert!* We killed off one of the white girls, better now?!

  48. i’ve seen better:

  49. Its an elaborate marketing campaign by “Vanish! Trust pink, forget stains”

    Except there will be stains. Hence, bridesmaids. I think I made my point.

    • The eerie thing is, I think whoever positioned in this product image ACTUALLY intended for ti to be like Bridesmaids.

      Going left to right:
      The ‘Big Value’ is Melissa McCarthy.
      The next two are Wendi McLendon-Covey and Ellie Kemper.
      Then the bottle with the handle is Kristen Wig.
      The NEGATIVE white space inside the handle and between that bottle and the spray bottle is Maya Rudolph.
      And the spray bottle is Rose Byrne, with the nozzle facing left, as is Rose on the poster.


  50. *SIGH*

    “I think whoever positioned THE PRODUCTS IN THIS image ACTUALLY intended for it to be like Bridesmaids.

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