I know that some of you had a day off yesterday, and that’s great. I hope you feel rested and ready to tackle some goals, because today you have to go back to work! Sooooorrrryyy. I don’t make the rules, I’m just here to enforce them. So please wake up, pick out a chew toy, and get started. It’s much more rewarding than lying around doing nothing, I promise! (Via RatsOff!)

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  1. It’s cute that they are all at the same level of intelligence at this point in life.

  2. Oh man, I was not expecting that twist ending.

  3. Was getting ready to comment about the title promising “puggles” and only delivering one puggle until the end when — surprise puggle!

  4. You know what? Screw this. It isn’t cute, it’d downright taunting. If a dog is bored, what solves it? Chewing. Angry? Chewing. Stressed? Chewing. Need something to do with friends? Chew.

    What do humans have? Drink and drugs. Not cool.

  5. I hope he doesn’t bite off more than he can chew.

  6. this is actually a brutal competition to decide which one the parents would rather keep

  7. I choo-choo-choose… chew.

  8. This might be cute if you have the music turned down, but with it it is just gross

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