• Inspector Spacetime, the Doctor Who-y show that is referenced on the show that will maybe be back on NBC sometime, Community, is getting its own web series! Great? I don’t know who is going to watch this web series, and really I don’t know watches most web series, but I hope they enjoy it! -i09
  • Here is an adorable little clip from Pixar’s new short “La Luna,” which will be screened before Brave. It’s cute! Watch it! You’ll like it! -PopCultureBrain
  • You guys are pretty into Hanksy, right? That’s kind of your “thing”? Double tongue-in-cheek street art?Great, well here are some new Hanksy things to check out! One of them is Drive related! -BIOTV
  • Mike Birbiglia, America’s most beloved one-man-show comedian/writer/filmmaker/This American Life contributor was on Letterman last week. You should watch his segment! He’s so great! -LateShow
  • On the season premiere of 13 Kids and Counting, Michelle Duggar, the mother of all the kids, gave a speech at some conference about how to be a good wife, and BOYOBOYOBOY did she real nail the topic of “how to be a good wife”! You should check out what she said, but basically don’t have a job and have a nice haircut. -Dlisted
  • This is a supercut of every punch in the face from the movie Road House. It must be nice when you think of a supercut idea like this one because you only have to watch ONE movie, rather than all the movies. Right? That’s the supercut scenario I’d rather be in. RIGHT? -TheDailyWhat
  • Here is a new clip from Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. Have you seen that yet? I haven’t! To be honest! But have you? What did you think? Did you love it? Did you HATE it? Guys? -FilmDrunk
  • Apparently Rachel McAdams continues to be asked questions about Ryan Gosling all the time. Didn’t they date like 45 years ago? What’s going on, Hollywood? Anyway, SHE DON’T CARE. -ONTD
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  1. I saw that movie. I can honestly say that I was really looked forward to seeing Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie.

  2. I thought I was pretty much over Tim & Eric’s brand of comedy, but I saw the movie and quite liked it, so I guess I’m still not a grown adult person. Maybe next year.

  3. Isn’t it 19 kids and counting? Did…did they just get rid of the 6 most troublesome children? Is anyone else a little worried?

  4. Road House is honestly one of my favourite movies. I wish I was being sarcastic or “cool” or something, but it’s just too good for words. “We need the best bouncer in the world, and it’s this guy!” I love that someone somewhere lives in a world where shitty dive bar bouncers become world famous. Bless your heart, Patrick. Busting up fights in heaven.

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  6. I saw Billion Dollar Movie and loved it for all of the reasons I love Tim and Eric’s work and did not hate it good review.

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