This is a photo posted by Vin Diesel to his own Facebook page and it is incredible. I’m going to print it out, full color, frame it, and hang it from a stick so it dangles in front of my face at all times. So inspirational. Almost TOO inspirational? Nice thoughts and motivational catchphrases are all kind of empty and disingenuous, but “I Believe in You” has to be the worst of them all. Like, at least something like “You Can Do It” implies that the pressure and expectation is on you to put the work in, and that your ability to achieve your goals is primarily dependent on your own effort. But I believe in you? First of all, YOU DON’T KNOW ME, VIN DIESEL. And second of all, believe in me WHAT? What about me do you believe in? TELL ME, VIN DIESEL! I want to EARN your support! How will I know if your belief in me is working if I don’t even know what goal it/we are trying to achieve? This conversation with Vin Diesel is very one-sided, considering how supportive he supposedly is. “I believe in you, and that’s that. No more feedback on how you’re doing.” Oh well. That’s why they call it “faith” (huh?).

There are a bunch of great Vin Diesel photos. I’m also partial to the one where he’s leaning on an elephant. (Via Joe Mande.)

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  1. Hang in there, Gabe.

  2. Are we sure this isn’t the cover of Pitbull’s new CD Maxi-Single where he covers Neil Young?

  3. I framed this and then tore it down and replaced it with a framed image of The Rock saying I believe in you

  4. Riddickulous

  5. “Superman” – The Iron Giant, believing in you.

  6. This is embarrassing, because this was supposed to be a private message sent to the Easter Bunny.

    • Really? I thought it was going to this guy.

      • I often get Vin Diesel and the Rock mixed up. Maybe it’s because they both have car related names… Anyway. I though Vin might have been in the Tooth Fairy, but I had to check imdb to find out that I was wrong.


        • why? if you dont like those movies just watch something else. you dont have to be a taste totalitarian

          • It’s just that I made a bet with a friend of mine when the original movie came out that if Fast and Furious made it to a 6th movie I would swallow 4 D-cell Batteries. I’m actually okay with the movies themselves. This just seemed like a pretty safe bet at the time.

        • One was the Tooth Fairy.
          One was the Pacifier.
          One was the Game Plan.
          One was the Riddick.
          One was the Rundown.
          One was the Boiler Room.
          One was the Be Cool.
          One was the Iron Giant.
          One was the Rock.

          (I can’t actually confuse Vin Diesel for Dwayne Johnson, but their recent family films all smush together in my brain to make a bland paste I can’t wrap my head around. That trilogy of Game Plan/Pacifier/Tooth Fairy business. Blech.)

  7. Very inspiration. Just looking at this makes me feel like a vinner.

  8. More like Win Diesel, amirite? guys?

  9. I really could have used this message around Valentine’s Day.
    Thanks for nothing Wait, you think I could be president? Really Vin Diesel? Awesome!

    Best President’s Day EVER.

  10. I believe in you…being able to sustain a film career without any discernible charisma, talent, or a speaking voice typically used by human beings.

  11. But, Vin, does this apply to learning how to ride a bike?

  12. It’s like Vin Diesel is the inspirational dad our generation never had.

  13. No no, Vin. I believe in YOU.

  14. Oh, come on! The one with the Nelson Mandela quote is obviously the winner.

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