It’s always a little silly when a local commercial gets a bit of fame on the Internet, because the thing about local commercials — always for car dealerships and furniture stores — is that they are ALL ridiculous. Pretty much every single one of them is an embarrassing, scream-y mess recorded on VHS in 1991 and then dropped down the stairs and then re-recorded onto another VHS with EXTRA yells, and every little town has a bunch of their own, and they’re all wonderful. So it must be exciting when one of YOUR town’s little messes is splashed across the pages of blogs for a day, or merely an afternoon. “Hey, that’s my ‘Downer Dad’ commercial!” you might think. “‘EVERYBODY GETS A FREE ONION!’ My friends always say that!” A beautiful time in a person’s life, I bet. A moment to be savored and remembered forever. So if this, this perfect little furniture store commercial, is your town’s little mess, I’d invite you to really soak in this moment. It doesn’t get much better than this, right? A commercial from your TV being on the computer? #LIFE! #LIVEIT!

The only unfortunate thing is that you can’t hear GIFs. DOWN-ER DAD! (Thanks for the tip, Chris!)

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  1. Don’t listen to the internet, This Is It Furniture! You can maintain your status as a respected furniture store without becoming a laughingstock, I know you can!

  2. Dad needs a downer.

  3. Perfectly executed Downer noises, Dad!

  4. Where were the baby tigers? This was a furniture store commercial, wasn’t it?

  5. I’d say that’s that, Downer Dad.

  6. When I was in college, I learned the awful secret that Menard’s is not a local chain and those commercials are national, but produced to look low budget so people are tricked into thinking they will, in fact, save big money (by shopping there). It’s part of their marketing strategy!

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  8. I was actually in the store when this commercial was being filmed. I was measuring a couch to make sure it would fit under the window in my living room. And this girl walks up and is like, “Hey, we are shooting a commercial, could I borrow your ruler for a few minutes?” And I was like, “Cool. I’ll just wait to finish measuring this couch.”

    Now every time this commercial comes on I’m like, “What the hell, jerk?”

  9. Lay off the blue meth bb.

  10. Yo, Downer Dad, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but Eagleman was one of the best terrible local commercials of all time:

  11. This guy has been creating variations of the DOWNER commercial for 20 years. I thought for sure he’d give it up at some point, but no. It was always fun to see his children grow throughout the years of commercials and see how uncomfortable and embarrassed they become as they age.

  12. I’m really bummed for myself that I never went to this store or saw any of their commercials while I actually lived in Champaign. Me and Downer Dad are so star-crossed. :( WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN……

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