What, did you think the Internet stopped churning out perfect trampoline accidents just because it was the weekend? HAH! WRONG! HAPPY HUMPDAYMONDAY! (Via TastefullyOffensive.)

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  1. Sorry, plastic bag, but after seeing this video, you are now only the SECOND most beautiful thing that I have ever seen.

  2. That’s ruff.

  3. Today we are all a front flip into a dog hump.

  4. That dog is a real go-getter, doesn’t waste any time.

  5. Should have saved this one until Hump Day.

  6. I once twisted my ankle descending a small set of stairs at my dad’s house, ending up sprawled in a heap at the bottom. My stepmother’s dog bounded over and mounted me. Thanks, asshole.

  7. Boo on slapping the dog! What’s the dog going to do, not hump?

  8. Trampoline-Trampoline Rape

  9. I love how the dude is all, like, “DUDE!” to the dog.

  10. the first time i thought the dog was trying to push the trampoline back into place and help the guy back up and i thought the guy was being an asshole by pushing him away. and then they did the replay and i no longer thought that.

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