• Jon Hamm gave a few more hints about the next season of Mad Men in this interview that you can read right now! Will he stay with that secretary and never sleep with another woman again? Will his kids grow up to be normal? Will the ad agency stuff fail and he’ll go back to selling coats? Will Betty never be heard from again? Click to find out! -RadioTimes
  • Jennifer Aniston got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! HAH! Let’s see what Brad Pitt has to say about that one, RIGHT? -EW
  • Maya Rudolph was on Late Night last night and told the super secret secret that Amy Poehler is going to make an appearance on SNL this weekend! I hope she’s gonna play the little girl character! You know which one I mean! The best one! I bet she’ll do that! -LateNight
  • Hey, today’s Joseph Gordon Levitt’s birthday! Happy birthday, JoGoLev. I ALMOST don’t dislike you! I saw 50/50 recently and it was very sad! I liked it kind of! Happy 31st birthday! -Dlisted
  • Want to watch a little girl sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” with her mouth closed? Yes? You do? Oh, great, here’s a video of it! -TastefullyOffensive
  • Oh, and here’s another video! It is of a puppy who is very suspicious of broccoli. Here is an interesting fact about me: Broccoli is my least favorite food! Holy S is that stuff gross! And it makes everything around it gross! Booooo, broccoli! -TheDailyWhat
  • Guess what the #1 highest-selling DVD of 2012 was. Guess! Did you guess? What did you guess? You have to speak up if I’m going to hear you. Well. Ok, if you’re not going to speak up I’ll just tell you. TWILIGHT! -FilmDrunk
  • And, finally, the winner of Michael Ian Black’s You’re Not Doing It Right is: Campbell Payne!!!! Congratulations, Campbell! You ARE doing it right! -Videogum
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  1. So I guess you could say the giveaway winner had a very successful CamPayne?

  2. Rrrrrrriiiiiccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk

  3. I’m with you, Kelly. As far as I’m concerned, cooking broccoli makes the whole house smell like farts.

  4. Kelly you forgot to include the link to the Paul Krugman interview at Playboy where he says he has a crush on the ladies in Arcade Fire. Rad interview.

  5. Fun fact: some people (I’m guessing Kelly is one of them) have a gene that makes them dislike foods like broccoli. It is called TAS2R38. If you have it, you are also more likely to put a lot of salt on things and not like sugar.

    Here is a fun article about it: http://articles.latimes.com/2007/feb/19/health/he-eat19

  6. No clue! Is it texture?

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