Wow, what a great week we’ve had! It was Valentine’s Day, a wonderful holiday that no one hates, and then it was my birthday! The BEST holiday that everyone loves! AND NOW IT’S FRIDAY! Ugh, I can’t think of anything better than any of that. I wish we could all just relive this week again and again and again so we never get older, and when people ask us our age we never have to give them a response of an old age. But unfortunately we cannot do that. We’ve gotta squeeze every last drop out of this perfect week that we can, ’cause we’ll never get it back. So let’s do that by reliving it in GIFs — beautiful moving images of things we’ve already seen.

Zooey Deschanel hosted Saturday Night Live!

Oprah got in trouble!

There was a new porno switcheroo!

We talked about who the new Hannibal should be!

George Lucas and Dakota Fanning sat next to each other at a fashion show!


A woman fell down on the news!

We Saw A Pretty Standard Louis Armstrong Doll!

Gael Garcia Bernal is beautiful Zorro!

And, finally, Thursday TV happened!

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  1. I. Don’t. Like. Dolls.

  2. Let’s use the Week in Gifs to put this particular meme to bed:

  3. I was considering MOBFD’in this, but whatever, I’m here now, let’s do it and then never speak of it again – I started a tumblr called Animated Gif Critic and in it, I review animated GIFs based on 5 very specific criteria. It is one of my most serious projects, and to be honest, I feel way more comfortable telling any of you about it than I do telling my family members or friends about it.

    I hope you recognize a compliment when you see one.

    • This is great, because I’ve been looking for a good .gif-review site. I’m a busy man and can’t watch all of the .gifs. I need reliable .gif critic to sort out the garbage .gifs and provide thoughtful commentary on the .gifs worth my time! Thank you!

      (Seriously, nice work. I love the idea and execution. Could use more cats, though.)

      • I have a friend who sends me cat gifs daily, and I started it as a joke and then it turned out the be one of the most worthwhile pursuits of my life thus far. Also it has resulted in a serious uptick in my inbox-cat-gif numbers. So definitely there will be no shortage of cat gifs in the coming weeks. Only the best.

  4. Happy Birthday, Kelly!

  5. My reaction to the porno switcheroo is JUST like the gif of me reacting above, except right after the camera zooms in on my wide eyes and I am shocked but then I just start laughing hysterically.

  6. does anybody else feel overly stimulated when looking at all these gifs on one page? i don’t mean in a dirty way, in an overwhelmed way.

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