We’ve all seen a Louis Armstrong doll before. Everyone has one at home. This is what they’re like. It’s very normal. I’m not even sure why Kelly insisted that we post this. Hahaha, guys, isn’t Kelly weird? (Via EpicPonyz.)

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  1. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!


  3. What a Wonderful(ly Horrifying) World

  4. Sweet dreams are made of THESE:

  5. Satchmo-My-God! It’s horrifying.

  6. Sounds like scat.

  7. Still not as creepy as the Beach Boys reunion performance at the Grammys, which looked like a Madame Tussauds version of the Chucky Cheese animatronic band.

  8. If you think that’s weird try playing some Charlie Parker backwards. Crazy shit, man.

  9. this is probably why i could never get into jazz. too demonic

  10. It’s the nightmares I’m not having.

  11. Well, I’ve found my new profile picture.

  12. I’m 12 years old, and what is this?

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  14. Whitney did look pretty rough that night.

  15. Are we sure it’s a Louis Armstrong doll?

  16. For some reason I was thinking Louis Anderson.

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