• Giancarlo Esposito, AKA Gus from Breaking Bad, no doy, you knew that, is going to be on Community! If it’s ever on TV again! That’s exciting! I still do not like how his character arch went where it did at the end of last season, though. Isn’t it great how not spoiler-y I made that, even though everyone who’s aware of the Internet knows what I’m talking about already? Ugh. Anyway. -ONTD
  • This video is titled “An Incredible Display of Fingerboarding Tricks” and, let me tell you, that title is NOT A LIE! It’s a small dream I have to be incredibly good at finger skateboarding. And then when someone has one around, I can just start finger skateboarding really well like it’s NBD. -LaughingSquid
  • Cuba Gooding Jr.’s dad asked Tom Cruise if he was gay once, apparently! LOL, CBJ’s dad. You seem great. -Vulture
  • Maya Rudolph is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend! That should be good, right? I hope they do a Gemini’s Twin sketch, RIGHT?! Hahaha. The best part about if they did do a Gemini’s Twin sketch is how timely and appropriate it would be, and how it would make sense. -TheDailyWhat
  • Have you guys watched the first 12 minutes of Sound Of My Voice yet? The new Brit Marling movie, the lady we all loved in Another Earth, that’s about A CULT?! If this movie were any more up my alley it would be out of my alley because it crossed over into another alley because it was already as far as it could go in my alley. -SoundOfMyVoice
  • Here is a supercut of people saying “I’ll call you back” in movies. I don’t know. I didn’t make it! When I write a movie this is how it will be: “I’ll call you– hold on, can I– just, ok, can I call you back? Soon. Like, I don’t know, I just have to finish this–Jesus christ, soon, just!” and then the person hangs up and says “JESUS CHRIST.” Scene. -BlameItOn
  • For some reason, I don’t know why and I’m not going to try to find out, a bunch of moms from Toddlers and Tiaras dressed up in the same pageant costumes as their children. Here that is! -Dlisted
  • Channing Tatum wants his fans to tell him what kind of movies to make. “PORNOOOOS!” Hahah. That is what I imagine a gross drunk lady saying to her friends on a girls’ night. (Me.) (Just kidding!) (Not me!) -FilmDrunk
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  1. Will Gus’ character on Community be walking around straightening his tie with half his face blown off? Just checkin’. Remind me to send some emails to him later telling him to stay away from HER (you know who). I can call him up late at night and be all like, “You stay away from herrrrrr…” etc.

  2. Community can’t get back on the air fast enough. OMG If Esposito has a scene with Michael K. Williams?!?!? SQUEEeeeeeeEeeEEeEEeeee #ProbablyWontButStillSqueeEEeee

  3. This might be worthy of your downvotes, but does anyone else feel like Maya Rudolph is kind of a falsely anointed SNL “legend”?

  4. That ‘call you back’ dialogue by Kelly had me on the floor. Kudos!

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