Sometimes it’s crazy to think about what the world must have been like before the Internet. What did people do? How were they completely terrible without it?

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  1. For the low low price of $9.99 per hour.

  2. It seems fitting that the link on this article goes to Vulture.

  3. And I will always blog you.

  4. In other more important time news regarding dead people nobody should really care about that much, fans of the old school, TRUE degrassi will be saddened to hear the news that not only is the actor that played Wheels dead…but he’s been secretly dead for 5 years and they only just released that information today

    And even crazier is that he died of natural causes…AT 35(?!)

    Anyways if you’re going to grieve somebody, maybe don’t grieve the crackhead diva who could not have exploited her fame and addiction more, and consider grieving poor old Wheels instead. Well, really maybe save your grief for people you knew personally and who had an impact on your life in some way. That’s maybe the best idea. But if you’re not going to do that, stick with me and shed a tear for Wheels. (5 years ago!)


  6. The technology that allows us to sit at home and watch a funeral(?!) has also allowed me to come to this site every day and trade jokes and laughs with a bunch of extremely funny people. My point is that while I at some level find this application of tech repulsive, I can’t entirely throw the e-baby out with the virtual bathwater.

  7. Drink every time:
    - the dead body of a human being is buried in the ground

    • Death has the best drinking games.

      Trying to meet a quota, That One?

      • Well done KajusX & Chainsaws, well done.

        That One, I have a question — I’m just TERRIBLE at chess. Could I, say, pick a different game when it’s my time or do I really have to go through the motions of losing even though we all know I will?

        Followup question — when there’s a giant tragedy, does everyone line up to play with you or are the games just super nanosecond fast?

  8. Celebrity “news” is increasingly aggravating to me, as I know work within it’s system and HAVE to see and hear things all day. it’s like I am a check-out clerk in a grocery store that only sells tabloid magazines.

    It was all about Demi Moore’s health before Houston died. I bet Houston dying was a relief to the Moore/Willis/Kutcher clans. Not a complete relief, as paparazzi are on everyone always, but at least the numbers have dwindled.

    DUG the Dog : squirrel :: Paparazzi : Celebrity Misfortune

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