As Gabe mentioned, it either just was or is currently Fashion Week in New York City. Oooo lala. I hesitate to say anything about Fashion Week, which is a lie because as soon as I saw this photo of the Bart Simpson outfit I was like “YEP!,” but I kind of hesitate because I don’t know anything about any of it. I get that the stuff (“the stuff” being Ms. Anne Wintours term, of course, not mine) is not really for normal people to wear? And it’s, like, an art thing sometimes? Or whatever? Listen, I don’t get any of it. Do you know what I’m wearing right now? A parody Led Zeppelin t-shirt for a frat house that I basically found in the garbage somewhere. With all that being said, though: HOLY MOLY THIS THE SIMPSONS OUTFIT! This, along with other Simpsons inspired outfits, are the work of designer Jeremy Scott, “whose previous pop culture collections include those inspired by The Flinstones and Mickey Mouse,” and I love it so much. I totally get it. It’s like Bart Simpson’s face, except it’s on cloth that fits around your body & covers up your privates. Apparently you will be able to buy it somewhere at some point, which makes sense because it is clothing, and I can’t wait until all of you chip in to buy it for me and I can wear it everywhere forever and ever amen. I’ll be the hit of every Simpsons‘ viewing party, and every meetup of a website that specializes in comedy. Thank you, fashion! Thank you, BART! Full-size lady’s outfit after the jump, as well as an outfit for the felllllaaaaaaaaaaas, which you can wear when we go on a daaaaaaaateee, to a comedy website meeeeeetuppp like I already mentioneeeed. (“I’ll be the one in the Simpsons and, if it’s meant to be, so will you.”)

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  1. Fashion Week seems more and more like the “wacky clothes” days my high school used to have the week before Homecoming.

  2. Ask your parents, Son of Gabe.*

    *you are missed

  3. Simpsons clothes are so this season (1-8)!

  4. WOO HOO! This means that my Target graphic tees are actually top notch fashion and not just $10 shirts I bought to go to the gym in.

  5. I thought the Bart Simpson hotpants were going to be the weirdest part, but then I saw the kilt-esque skirt on the dude. Jeremy Scott definitely falls into the “Clown Clothes” subsect of fashion.

  6. I’d be more impressed if they just made clothes FROM the Simpsons, except detailed and fashionable. Marge’s green dress, Homer’s pants and collar shirt, maybe throw in a Bleeding Gums Murphy and that Scorpio guy.

    Heck, the skinny waif runway model wearing the clown shoes and super-huge Sideshow Bob hair would be worth the price of admission alone.

    (And I can’t stress enough that there would be NO yellow body paint)

  7. You forgot to include the best one, though:

  8. Pleeeeeease show us your garbage T, Kelly!

  9. None of these are made from leather. I guess they didn’t have a cow.

  10. Christian D’oir

  11. Fashion week is like Nicki Minaj but everywhere I look.

  12. Okay joke, but I feel like you really cooled your jets. What are you, FLW? Some sort of underachiever and proud of it?

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