Eek! I don’t have any children of my own, but this video brings out ALL of my dad instincts. THIS “ROPE SWING” IS TOO BIG! Be careful, guys. I know you love to have fun and seek thrills, but maybe you should buy an X-Box or drink a can of Four Loko. Only one can! Just to see what it is like! And then in bed by 9:30! Weirdly, this video also brings out all of my misanthrope instincts. How is it three minutes long and you don’t see one single body smashed into a pulp against a rock face? Just smashed again and again and again. To be fair, I only watched the first half of this video before turning it off in a panic AS IF IT FEATURED MY OWN CHILDREN, so maybe the second half is Concussion City. I don’t even know what I want anymore! I guess dedication. Either be more careful or publicly suffer the consequences. Bill Maher’s New Rules. (Via TheHighDefinite.)

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  1. Is it bigger than this spoon, though?

  2. Nearly perfect. The only thing I’d change is to have them use a longer rope.

  3. I turned it off halfway too, but it was due the awful song playing in the background. Incidentally around the 1:36 mark, the “rapper” says “hold on to your butts” which I think used to be a thing here, like 10 internet years ago.

  4. #StuffWhitePeopleDo

  5. Honest question: When they’re done playing George of the Jungle, how do they get down?

  6. Too big to fail.


  8. Y’all are just crazy olds if you don’t love this. After watching that, I don’t want to do anything with my life except hang out with those guys and do stupid stunts to cool music day and night. Did anyone else click through to the human catapult one? Thanks for making everything else seem dull and worthless, video makers!

  9. I’ve never seen a more compelling argument for watching TV on a beautiful Saturday afternoon than this.

  10. Also, they’re at Arches National Park, right? Where the fuck is the forest ranger to stop them and cite them for obviously drilling a whole into a very famous monument? This kind of tomfoolery will erode and destroy something that took eons to create. Literally. All for their stupid YouTube page with terrible music.

    I honestly hate people like this.

    • Well if you’re gonna drill, might as well drill the whole thing.

    • This is Rainbow Bridge in Utah by Lake Powell. I know this because the summer after I graduated high school, several of my jackass friends and I decided to go on a week-long backpacking trip there. What we failed to consider is that wandering out into the wild desert in August when it’s like 105 degrees is insanely stupid. We literally almost died due to lack of water, partly because of a mis-communication with the Navajos that helped us at the start of our trip, and also because we were 18-yeard-old jackasses. It’s only accessible by boat from the lake or by a very long, difficult, multi-day hike. There is nobody around to stop you from doing anything – we did our share of weird, dangerous stuff – but you would have to be a serious rock climber person to get on top of that thing. It’s not really that accessible.

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  11. Wait, this isn’t a commercial for Mountain Dew?

  12. Where’s the link to their Kickstarter page?

  13. Did anybody else notice the guy who launched into space at 1:06 ? They cut away to try to hide it, but R.I.P. the guy now orbiting our planet.

  14. I bet there as a lot of debate concerning what song to play with this movie, but once the line “let loose kid, get stupid” was uttered, they just KNEW; “THIS is the song. That line is SO US in this video.”

  15. If I ever did this, I would probably accidentally tie the rope wrong than then jump straight down and hang myself. I bet it would totally ruin the mood and everyone would go home early and never invite me to one of their rope swing parties again.

  16. What really scares me about this is that they never stop swinging!

    I watched the whole thing hoping they’d show how they all end up safely back on their own two feet… But they never do…

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