• Uhhh so “I’ve got a crush on Obama” girl has a new song, to the tune of Grease’s “You’re the One That I Want” and in this new song the fake Barack Obama (YouTube sensation Alphacat, whoever that is) says “I’ma wanna your vote” over and over, which is — I think — something that the REAL Barack Obama would never say. Get your facts straight, lady! -Mediaite
  • In the current issue of McSweeney’s quarterly DVD magazine Wholphin, there is a video called “The Love Competition” where a bunch of different people have MRIs while they think about love, and then you see who loves the most! You should watch it!  -McSweeneys
  • Did you want there to be a Bad Santa 2 in the world? If YES, I have some good news for you! If NO, then I have some bad news, but not THAT bad, and if this is the worst news you get all day then I’d say it was a pretty good news day, right? -SlashFilm
  • Ok so I am going to STRONGLY caution you against watching this video. It is a video of a hissing cockroach giving birth and it is horrifying. I’m only linking to it right now because I had to watch it because sometimes when I see something I know it going to be horrifying, I HAVE TO WATCH IT. But I’d suggest that you don’t. Unless you really want to. -BoingBoing
  • Dlisted has some outtakes from Lindsay Lohan’s recent photo shoot with Terry Richardson and they say she looks good in them and boy-o-boy she does! I don’t know why she ever looks bad, if she can look this good! What are you doing, Lindsay? -Dlisted
  • Have you seen Rick Santorum’s new anti-Romney ad? Where it looks like Mitt Romney is shooting a big poop gun at Rick Santorum? Haha. Oh, you should see it. It’s very something! -TheDailyWhat
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  1. I can’t help but think that Santorum’s entire presidential bid is one elaborate cry for help.

  2. So all those baby cockroaches are gonna eat the mother now, right? That’s the only logical way for that horror show of a video to end.

  3. The love contest brain experiment is fascinating. Though the subjects can’t be serious about enjoying their time in the MRI. I’ve been there and, no.

  4. If I could go back in time two minutes, I would throw my computer out of the window to stop myself from watching that Obama girl video.

    By the way, guys, it gets worse. On my way to work this morning I saw THREE women wearing Sandy-from-Grease-style pants. That’s about to be a thing.

    • Where do you live/work? How long do we have?

      • I’m in LA and just started seeing this trend. I give it three to six months before it starts popping up in your hometown. Everyone should prepare an emergency plan.

        • I figured it was L.A. Remember that not-pants-wearing trend of 2010? I was worried it would spread but it seemed to be contained to actor and dancer-heavy sections of North Hollywood. Unless it did spread, but I never saw it anywhere else — not even semi-normal sections of L.A.

          I’m in Portland, so I might be safe. The rest of you guys are screwed.

  5. There was an odd sense of relief watching the cockroach video…like when you get a ball of lodged wax pulled out of your ear at the doctors…

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