What? It’s a picture of George Lucas, director of Red Tails, sitting next to Dakota Fanning, the star of Hounddog, in the front row at the Rodarte fashion show. Why? VERY NORMAL PHOTO OF A COMPLETELY ROUTINE COUPLE OF PEOPLE DOING THE THING YOU WOULD MOST EXPECT THEM TO BE DOING TOGETHER. Don’t even get what the point of this photo is. If I had been the photographer I wouldn’t have even taken this picture because I would have just been like, yeah, what? What’s next? You want me to take a picture of a glass of lukewarm water? WHERE’S THE DRAMA AND THE INTRIGUE, PEOPLE?! (When I am a photographer I yell a lot, but not any more than I yell now, actually.)

How much fun does it look like they’re both having? The MOST fun ever? Oh to be a fly on those gold lame pants and here the conversation between these two. Riveting stuff, I’m sure. “Where do you keep your Academy Award?” “I don’t have an Academy Award. Where do you keep your Academy Award?” “I don’t have one either, but if I did, I would keep it in the bathroom as a conversation piece.” “Well, yeah, no duh. You’re not an idiot, Dakota Fanning.” “Thank you, George Lucas, my close personal friend.” “Fashion.” (Click through to enlarge. Via Fashionista. Thanks for the tip, Claire.)

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  1. Lucas was going to object to having his picture taken, but the photographer shot first.

  2. Who shot first?!

    No really, who shot their point and click camera first to snap a photo of the latest couture? I’ll bet it was George.

  3. Can we discuss how Dakota is wearing exactly what people in 60′s thought we’d be wearing in 2012?

  4. Videogum Lesson of the Day: Gabe wants an Academy Award

  5. You want to be on her pants?

  6. For the record, George Lucas only produced Red Tails. The writers, director, and lead actors are all black.

    The director was Anthony Hemingway, who directed a couple episodes of The Wire, as well as some other notable television shows. Perusing wikipedia, apparently Lucas directed the remainder of the reshoots because Hemingway had to move on to Treme episodes he was working on.

  7. This is no photo of Snoop Dogg and Pee Wee Herman. Not even close.

  8. Project Alderunway

  9. Gabe wrote in the 2nd paragraph “here” when he should have wrote “hear”

    “Oh to be a fly on those gold lame pants and here [sic] the conversation between these two”

    Somebody needs to take some english classes and learn to spell good, aka check yo self befo you wreck yo seffffff

  10. Daklone Wars

  11. You can’t really tell in this picture, but George Lucas’ hair is CGI.

    • just wait for the 3D technology to catch up then it will really look like hair

      • you see the one where he has evil red eyes in his chins and stuff? it is a blog post that chronicles his descent in to evil from his younger days when he was good to later days when he started to suck the chins get bigger and multiply. rad blog post.

  12. You guys ever watch the red letter media dude go scene for scene rebuke of the star wars prequels? It is an amazing achievement. I would mail that guy suitcases full of cash if I could. His stuff reminds me of the excellent walking dead recaps and eviscerations I have read on this very same website. You should do an internet search for red letter media star wars take down and/or smack down, just go find it and watch it. Rad stuff.

    • They really are some of the best videos the internet has produced. They also did a take down of Jack and Jill (and Adam Sandler in general) but couldn’t use any footage, so unfortunately – not as good.

    • I LOVE those. I just watched the one for Phantom Menace on Friday, in honor of not watching any Star Wars theatrical releases ever again.

      My favorite part of that first one is where he interviews those four people and has them describe a Star Wars character without mentioning their physical appearance, their job, etc., just character traits/personality. Watching them immediately throwing out descriptors for the characters from the original films, then blanking out completely on all the prequel characters is absolutely golden.

    • Agreed. Rad stuff.

      I just went to check it out quick and ended up watching the entire Part 1 of the Phantom Menace. Well. Okay, half of Part 1. I ended when he started yelling at the lady tied up in his basement. But up until that part it was Fantastic!

      • yeah I hated the parts where he stops reviewing the movies and has the captive prostitute thing. I get it, anyone who obsessively rebukes dumb movies scene for scene is a creepy weirdo but come on. Its like SNL style over kill.

        • Yeah, the captive lady (ladies? I can’t remember if it’s more than one) in his basement is a reoccurring thing throughout all three prequel reviews. In the third one SPOILER ALERT— SPOILER ALERT— she actually winds up in his living room talking Star Wars with him. —END SPOILER —END SPOILER

  13. Dakota’s is modeling C-3PO’s debut collection. The possibility of its success is approximately 3,720 to 1.

  14. I think it was really a missed opportunity by whoever made the seating chart that Kim Gordon, who was also there, wasn’t on the other side of George Lucas. Then this would have been perfect.

  15. I know George Lucas doesn’t deserve happiness, you guys, but it is so jarring to see how much he always looks exactly like a friendless shell of a man numbed by bitter regret and shuffling dead-eyed toward the comfort of a grave he believes he can’t reach soon enough. Right?

  16. Hey baby, wanna touch my Irving G. Thalberg?

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