It’s the middle of February. Although it has been unseasonably warm all winter here in New York City, which you would think would be a good thing, and believe me it is, but also some of us spent a lot of money on buying snow boots and a warm winter jacket this year so they would be prepared, unlike basically every other winter of their lives, so those people are kind of like, at this point, “What gives? Why can’t I ever do anything right? Why do I even TRY?” but anyway it seems like maybe in other parts of the world it has not been unseasonably warm. And, you guys. WHY AREN’T YOU BEING CAREFUL ON THE ICE YET?! Haven’t we talked about this? You should know by now that we’re in a VERY dangerous season, FULL of ways to make ourselves look so stupid when we are not careful on the ice.

Ugggh, GUY!! Will you ever learn? If you don’t know by now, February 15, that you should not leave your house in the winter because everything outside your window is a danger zone, when will you ever know? NEVER? Well, good luck, buddy. We’ll be here to watch you every time your friends film you doing something they know is going to end badly. (Via VVV.)

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  1. This reminds me of that scene in HP Deathly Hallows 1 where Harry breaks the ice and dives down to get the sword of Gryffindor….he’s obviously freezing and nearly hypothermic when he comes out, but I always wondered–couldn’t he just use a spell or a charm to warm the water?? “Agua caliente” or “warmus maximus” or something like that!?

  2. I gotta tell ya, I grew up in Southern California, and the thought of walking across a frozen body of water still scares the living crap out of me. This video isn’t helping.

  3. Eess naht frozen enough, innit?

  4. It’s hard to blame the ice for cracking under so much pressure.

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  7. it took me until the 3rd time watching it, but that weird noise at the beginning is the ice cracking.

  8. “Thin and crispy, way too risky.” Phillip J. Fry

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