Did you guys ever see the movie Hannibal Rising? I did. In theaters! ON MY BIRTHDAY! (In 2007!) It was pretty bad and I forget why the decision to see it was made, but whatever, stop talking about it, it doesn’t matter because hey you know what sounds better than that 2007 movie reboot of the Hannibal franchise? This 2012 TV reboot of the Hannibal franchise! From Vulture:

Cinema’s most beloved cannibal mastermind is coming to NBC in a thirteen-episode deal that’ll skip right over the pilot process, the network confirms to Vulture. Hannibal, an hourlong drama, will be written and executive produced by Bryan Fuller, whose Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane — also an NBC project — was postponed just days ago.

Wowowowowow! That will probably be good, right? Bryan Fuller is pretty much K-I-S-S-I-N-G with NBC monster-y reboots, isn’t he? (Yes to both.) And while an hour-long Hannibal drama written and produced by Bryan Fuller (of Pushing Daises, Dead Like Me, etc.) sounds pretty much enticing enough and yes I’ll probably watch that and no you don’t need to tell me anything more about it, one thing we do have to figure out is — WHO’S GONNA PLAY HANNIBAL LECTER IN IT?! 

This is a very big decision and I doubt anybody over there at NBC has even started thinking about it yet, so let’s really put our smart caps on for this one. Could it be:

A Dog With A Muzzle

Peter Krause

Aaron Paul

Bryan Cranston

Chandler Bing

Vincent Gallo

Chuck and Blair

So many good choices! Very hard to decide which one should be the real Hannibal Lecter, but I think it’s safe to assume that it will be one of these guys. Congrats, boys!

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  1. Dame Maggie Smith.

  2. I would say Tilda Swinton, but honestly I want better things for her. Um. How about Scott Bakula? I always liked Scott Bakula.

    • He can play Hannibal Lecter, but only in one episode. And Hannibal will be inexplicably helpful and trying to save lives, and seem to be missing pieces of his memory. And then, after the episode, he’ll go back to normal, and nobody will ever understand what happened.

    • he’s another valentine I missed.

    • Oh! And Dean Stockwell can play Will Graham. And they can jump from person to person, setting right what once went wrong! I smell success!

      • Lilbobbytales, how would you feel about Tilda Swinton doing a scene with Dean Stockwell and Will Graham? I feel like it would work really well.

  3. Jodie Foster.

  4. Alison Brie.

    And the first piece of human flesh she should eat as Lecter would have to be my [horrible joke selfcensored].

  5. Taylor Swift

  6. Hanni Balntanna (for tha kidz)

  7. I first read it as “skip right over the PLOT process” instead of “pilot process”……oh well, 6 one way, half dozen the other, I guess!

  8. Tom Cruise, so we can strap one of those mouth guard on him and that way I don’t have to look at his teeth.

  9. Zooey Deschanel. That way Hannibal Lecter can just break into song at any moment. Lecter is so adorkable.

  10. #donaldglover4hannibal

  11. It is weird how sure I am that I will never watch this show.

  12. Real talk, the idea for this show is potentially a good one. The character, if used the same way as in Silence of the Lambs, could work very well in a serial format, and the universe he lives in is basically a police procedural anyway.

    BUT why is it on NBC? That’s such a horrible misstep. How are a network like them possibly going to handle a show that will inevitably have to involve graphic sexual murders and human cannibalism? This is an HBO or Showtime miniseries, surely. SORT IT OUT, BRYAN FULLER.

    PS #Muse4themetune

  13. Radical departure: Get Verne Troyer and do a mini Lecter. Still a cannibal but only eats victims from the shinbone down.

  14. Vincent Gallo has to have the worst agent in history. Kelly is so right when she pictures him starring in just about everything. But someho he’s not the next Spiderman, not the new James Bond, he’s not even on Gossip Girl and it’s been forever already. WAKE UP, agent!

  15. He should be played by a different acting person in every episode like in the movies except for the one acting person who would play him in two episodes which they can probably get anthony hopkins to do again after all he was in Thor which was pretty good but I bet Hannibal the series will be better and i will never know if I am wrong as I won’t be watching it.

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