The only thing that Hollywood movie stars like more than on set pranks is keeping their beloved Oscar statues in the bathroom as a “conversation starter.” Haha, GOOD CONVERSATION! They all do it. It’s just fun. Those guys have fun.

“Hey, is that your Oscar in the bathroom, Kate Winslet?”
“Nice talking to you.”

This is the same reason that we civilians keep toilet paper in our bathrooms. So that we Garbage People like us have something to talk about. Anyway, a fun game to play each awards season is to try and determine which of this year’s crop of potential winners would keep his or her Oscar statue in the bathroom as a conversation piece. Luckily, Andy Serkis wasn’t nominated this year or it would be GAME OVER because DING DING DING WE (WOULD) HAVE A WINNER! But he’s out. So who will it be?! Take our scientific poll to determine the real result:

Which 2012 Oscar Nominee Would Keep His/Her Award In The Bathroom?

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And the Oscar goes to…THIS CONVERSATION PIECE!

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  1. “Jonah Hill, Oscar Nominee” still sounds so weird to me.

  2. Jean Deuxjardin, of course.

  3. Personally, I don’t think I’d keep my Oscar in the bathroom. However, it does look an awful lot like the thing on which I keep my paper towels, so maybe the kitchen would be a better choice. It would be a perfect way to mitigate the disappointment of using the last paper towel on the roll. Every time I changed it I would say to myself “Oh yeah, I won an Oscar. Sweet!”.

  4. Fuckin’ Jonah Hill, man.

  5. I don’t think the question is so much who is going to keep their Oscar in their bathroom. They all will. The real question is which bathroom in which house?

  6. wait, is this the space where i get to complain about rooney mara’s acting skills?? i do not understand why she got nominated for dragon tattoo. maybe because she agreed to do that terrible violent scene that i don’t want to spoil for people who haven’t seen the movie? other than that one scene, she did not change her facial expression or voice tone for three goddamned hours in that film. and yeah salander is supposed to be a weird and off putting character, but mara redefined the word wooden. also i think she would keep her award in the bathroom because she seems to like to disparage every bit of good fortune her acting career has thrown her way thus far. end cranky rant.

  7. I’m just glad Max Von Sydow was nominated again. Finally the academy has a chance to erase their dreadful snub of his performance in Strange Brew.

  8. Melissa McCarthy’s nomination came FROM bathroom humor, so she would just be returning it from whence it came… am I right, Hollywood?

  9. Terrence Malick would hide his Oscar in a place where nobody can ever see it, except occasional glimpses in the behind-the-scenes footage on the DVD.

  10. I was surprised Viola Davis wasn’t the top one. Not because she was actually the most likely, but rather I thought no one would vote honestly. I am sorry, I underestimated you, Videogum community. I am sorry.

  11. Jean Dujardin, for two reasons:

    1. I want to picture him in the bathroom a lot (doing anything but number 2; so showers, primping, etc. just as long as he has on very few clothes).
    2. He’s French, they have big bathrooms and bidets. They love it there. They practically invented the bathroom even though they are known for not showering. So maybe they don’t shower, but they use the bidet which is almost more important anyway.

  12. I replaced my toliet paper with photo copies of the monster ball where I won an editer’s choice. Sure, people have stopped visiting, but I certainly had some conversations when they did come over.

  13. I’m not even sure Terrence Malick goes to the bathroom.

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  15. If ever there was an actor who would NOT keep the Oscar in their bathroom, it’s Hugh Jackman; dude never goes in there.

    Also, if ever there was an actor who would never win an Oscar, it’s also Hugh Jackman. He’s the answer to a lot of Oscar-related trivia.

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