Apparently, in the first season of Sesame Street, Oscar the Grouch was orange. THIS. CHANGES. EVERYTHING. JUST. KIDDING. EVERYTHING. REMAINS. THE. SAME. BUT. THAT. IS. KIND. OF. WEIRD. AND. I. DID. NOT. KNOW. THAT.

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  1. His original back story was that he had just moved to Sesame Street from a dumpster behind the Cheeto factory.

  2. Legend tells that he saw where Big Bird was living and got green with envy.. and garbage slime… mostly garbage slime.

  3. Mold.

    Definitely Mold.

  4. Orange you glad they changed their minds!

  5. So is the same thing going to happen to Snooki one of these days?

  6. I think he looks better in orange. Jus’ sayin’.

  7. I didn’t want to plunge into the Videogum archives while I was at work this morning, but Gabe, come on! I pointed this out over a year ago on a post about Snooki!

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