Hey, did you know that people were competing to win the Guinness World Record for “Longest Kiss” yesterday? In Thailand? Yeah, ME NEITHER! Ugh. You’d think if they wanted to get an accurate reading on who could give someone the world’s longest kiss, they would’ve emailed everyone about it to see if they wanted to come to Thailand and compete. Never agin, Guinness. From The Daily What:

The long-lasting lovers smooched for 50 straight hours at a Valentine’s Day event in Pattaya, Thailand, beating the previous record by nearly four hours.

For their sore lips the proud winners took home a diamond ring and a 200,000 baht (~$6666) hotel gift voucher.

50 straight hours! And they were only allowed to drink and eat things out of a straw! Ugh, I WISH WE COULDA BEEN THERE! Oh well. You can’t dwell on missed opportunities forever. But what you can do is watch a really weird and gross video of other people competing in those opportunities! My goodness! It’s so weird and gross!

If only they could have swung the camera around to stare straight into MORE peoples eyeballs while they were lifelessly kissing their kiss partner. Do you think anyone threw up in each other’s mouths? Is that too real? Guys? (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Why did they have to stand?

  2. Unfortunately they had to listen to that Sixpence None The Richer song the whole time

  3. So, after they beat this record they just said “Fuck it, let’s go FOUR more hours!”? Yes? Ugh, that tires me out just thinking about it.

  4. How did they go to the bathroom??!?!? I’m genuinely curious! Did they have to stay kissing the whole time? Did the Guinness people follow them in to make sure? And most importantly, does just standing around with your face plunked against someone else’s for 2 days really count as kissing?

  5. Ummm this video is only 44 seconds long! Does anybody know where a friend of mine can watch the other 49 hours 16 seconds of strangers kissing?

  6. Is this like the kissing version of an adult catching a kid smoking and then makes them smoke all of the cigarettes as punishment to make the kid sick to their stomach with cigarettes?

    Who would want to kiss anything after this grueling task ever again?

  7. It’s nice to see a gay couple participating and no one trying to strip away their rights.

  8. I look forward to the 12 Facebook relationship status changes that follow.

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