Martha Stewart’s chow chow won the “Best In Breed” award at this year’s Westminster Dog Show this week, which is already kind of crazy in the way that you will sometimes hear about someone who has already won a multi-million dollar lotto jackpot winning another multi-million dollar lotto jackpot, but then at the same time OF COURSE Martha Stewart has THE BEST chow chow on Earth. No duh no doy. To celebrate, she took the dog to dinner at the Plaza Hotel, which, OK, whatever, Brett Easton Ellis needs SOMETHING to put in his novels now that he’s graduated from prep school, but also IS THE CHAIR REALLY NECESSARY? DOES THE DOG NEED TO SIT IN THE FANCY CHAIR? Haha, this photo. If caption contests on blogs didn’t exist, this photo would invent them. EUREKA!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Good boy! Or girl! (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. Chow Chow chow.

  2. Where is the dog? I see a bear but no dog

  3. This? This is a fish. This is a fish! You know what? Just shut up.

  4. That dog is in for a nasty surprise when she realizes that her owner believes that bitches have to pay for Valentine’s Day dinner.

  5. We’re gonna need a bigger pooper scooper.

  6. Rad outtake from that Valentines day movie

  7. A sprig of thyme really brings out the earthy flavor in these kibbles

  8. Still a more hygienic restaurant scene than pasta with Courtney Stodden.

  9. His name is “GK” for Genghis Khan. Caption that!

  10. We’re getting the band back together.

  11. what a spoiled bitch.

  12. You’re the man now, Martha Stewart’s dog.

  13. Well, I’m changing my name, because this is the worst.

  14. “what the…goddamn it, that’s your Oyster fork! Christ, how many times…you know, people are looking at us.” – The dog, to Martha.

  15. Martha just brought the dog to lunch so finally something else could take the blame for all the farts for a change.

  16. Haha there are utensils in front of the dog. Just because your owner is rich doesn’t mean you have opposable thumbs.

  17. She should be convicted for insider TRAINING

  18. wait, i thought of an even lazier joke.

  19. The only black allowed in Martha Stewart’s house is her chow chow’s tongue.

    • I have no idea if Martha is a racist. But I hate chows because one chomped into my thigh when I was a kid, and their black tongues are easy identifiers for the breed. So this comment was my attempt, and I knew it was piss-poor when I first typed it out and deleted it, and then decided to post it anyway.

      Seeing that chow sitting in that restaurant just pisses me off something fierce.

      Who wants an orange whip?

      • Chows are known to be assholes.

      • I responded to you, but it showed up at the bottom. It was a rant but… Chows are dicks. (Or the hundred or so I have met are — and *all* dogs love me.) Shar-peis are dicks, as well.

        But I’d also like to point out that these breeds are really really new at the whole “bred for companionship” thing and its not their fault… Just that of shitheads who placate and embrace AKC stuff, which leads to Sarah Maclaughlin commercials.

  20. OFF TOPIC: Sorry, guys, I didn’t want to bother Gabe and Kelly with this, but is WMOAT ever coming back?
    Do any monsters know? Sorry for the random question but again, I don’t want to stick this into an already overflowing inbox.

  21. This is apropos because it looks like they both had crab.

  22. My roommate makes me eat in crate

  23. You let an ex-con in the building and next thing you know dogs think they’re people.

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  25. I’m not too fond of this update of Look Who’s Coming to Dinner.

  26. Insert starving third world children picture here:

  27. I’m sure the dog would have rather celebrated by humping the couch.

  28. Bitches ain’t shit but chows who do tricks.

  29. After camping in the Plaza brush for 8 days, the photographer caught a rare glimpse of Babe, the champion pig who arrived in the city 14 years ago.

  30. This is not a caption guys, I just want you to see who won the Toy Dog division:

  31. That chow chow is obviously being groomed for a high-level power position.

  32. I like that even here you can tell she’s correcting the dog, who is somehow “doing it wrong.”

  33. “Waiter please have my dog’s leftovers bagged up – it’s for the gardener”

  34. eat it up, bitch

  35. My real valentine is from because I’m not an asshole like Martha Stewart.

  36. Do you have any idea what Seamus gets for dinner? Do you think Seamus gets to sit in a chair? I don’t fucking think so. Just eat the fucking food.

  37. Due to a clerical error the dog also went on to win the “Best in Bread” competition, cinnamon roll division.

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  39. NOBODY puts doggy in the corner!

  40. “Just a wafer-thin mint. Go on, it’s only a tiny little thin one.”

  41. Martha Stewart’s dog, displeased with the veal oscar.

  42. “super-rich white people are the worst”–the (very real) bureau on decency and moral standards of behaviour.

  43. I don’t know chow she does it.

  44. This is the sister photo to Mike Tyson feeding his prized pigeon at a Village Inn.

  45. can we consider for a moment where this picture was taken from?

  46. “Snookums prefers the rubber Wall Street Journal to the rubber Washington Post.”

  47. We are the 99 Pawcent.

  48. That’s a finger bowl not a water dish, stop embarrassing me, this is why I never take you out!

  49. “F*ck Alexis, she ain’t won sh*t”

  50. Promotional poster for the upcoming ‘Lady and the Tramp’ live action remake. IN 3D!!!

  51. Want a Twinkie, Genghis Khan? Say please.

  52. I just gotta say that “…which, OK, whatever, Brett Easton Ellis needs SOMETHING to put in his novels now that he’s graduated from prep school…” is my favorite thing that Gabe’s ever written, ever.

  53. At eHarmony we don’t rely on likes and dislikes, we use a system of 39 levels of compatibility. And Martha, this was the best we could do.

  54. Genghis Khan is mortified by Martha’s ill bred table manners…

  55. Chows (historically) are so ill-bred and mistreated. Pits get such a bad rep, but nice ones are amazing — especially if they are mixed-breed pound puppies. I have yet to meet a Chow that isn’t inherently a psychopath, regardless of lineage. I actually take more offense to her perpetuating *this* than to anything she’s ever done — rolling back the feminist movement, encouraging conspicuous consumption, adding to the “princess for a year” mentality of American brides — get a goddamn pound puppy.

    And yeah, there are only bad owners… But a good owner who cares about dogs like she claims to do would have gotten a rescue or a buddy from the pound and she did the opposite of this.

    Chows are not good pets, even if hers is an exception. And if you don’t think idiot celebs don’t influence pet breeding, check out how many chihuahuas are in California shelters.

    • Seriously, when I hear someone got a purebred instead of a rescue or pound dog I lose a little respect for them. Both my pets (1 dog and 1 cat) are rescues and they are both the sweetest animals ever…so happy to be loved finally!

      I’ll get off my high horse now, but if you need a pet, find a local shelter because there are so many animals who would love you so much and be so grateful for your love.

    • Word, badideajeans. Word. ^_^

  56. I think Martha just promised the parents of the child actor in that Chow Chow suit that she’d also feed her a fancy New York City dinner if she won.

  57. I thought she stopped eating with her bitch when she got out of prison?

  58. “And notice the intricate gold leaf design which perfectly accentuates the shape of the kibble. Doubtless, you can appreciate well designed bowl, now can you? So, stop making that face then. “

  59. This water is way better than that federal prisons shit, but why didn’t the waiter ask to check my dog fur poncho at the door?

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  61. Us bitches got to stick together

  62. dog to martha: i refuse to eat frozen cesar’s!

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