Conan O’Brien mentioned in an interview with Ricky Gervais in November that he was going to be on Inside The Actor’s Studio. It’s happening this Monday, it turns out. Here’s a clip of Conan talking (seriously!) about his SNL days:

Now obviously, Conan understands how ridiculous it is that he’s on Inside The Actor’s Studio, because Conan is aware that he’s not really an actor, but in terms of giving the people what they want (the people = us, not the sycophantic Actor’s Studio students who ask Angelina Jolie about her “craft” and her “instrument”), it looks like this show is going to deliver. I have always wanted to see Conan O’Brien being completely serious, and now I have. I can’t wait to find out what his favorite curse word is!

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  1. kate  |   Posted on Jan 21st, 2009 0

    when is this one?! I WANT TO WATCH THIS
    it’ is like a bizaarroo world

  2. Max  |   Posted on Jan 21st, 2009 0

    someone please leak the shit out of this one after it airs so us non-rich-cable having folk can enjoy what should be a brilliant episode.

  3. For whatever reason I FUCKING LOVE when comedians talk about how seriously they take comedy.

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