Haha, perfect. Cut and print. Green light. Start the presses! Out of all of them, my favorite Bond Intro is the one in the bottom row all the way to the left, because it gets right into it without showboating for 45 minutes or whatever like the rest of them. Way to go, that intro! You really did it, unlike the rest of those jerks. OUR TIME IS PRECIOUS, JAMES BOND! (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. This is how our grandchildren will watch movies someday, and we are all going to be so angry about it.

  2. Can someone please enhance???!?

  3. Ah… rad concept. Will check this out later at my own convenience. Thanks.

  4. Shaking, not stirring.

  5. In 2010, I got my hands on a complete set of the Bond DVDs and decided to watch them all in order. I love James Bond. James Bond is the best. James Bond movies are thrilling and fun. And there are 22 of them! What a great year, 2010!

    I got 15 minutes into #7 before I was totally sick of James Bond. I still haven’t been able to finish #7.

    • Hah! Number 7 is Diamonds are Forever, yes? You can argue all day long about Connery vs. Moore, Bronson vs. Dalton. Heck, I will happily share a number of cocktails with a group of people engaged in this very kind of debate…
      But if you think Diamonds are Forever is anything but “tied for dead last” than I have nothing to say to you. So, Hotspur, fret not. Just skip it and move on. One of the best theme songs in the whole series is on the next film!

      • Hah! It is indeed Diamonds Are Forever! I never saw Diamonds before and oof.

        You have inspired me, eemar, with your ruthless condemnation of #7. So I will take up this task again, I will take it up in 2012.

        But I can’t skip #7. The whole point is to watch them all in order. I will just have to gut it out. Even to the point of watching Die Another Day when it comes around (is that the other half of your tie? Please say yes; I don’t want there to be one worse than that).

        Maybe a bottle of something will help.

        Thus shall the rich tapestry of 2012 unfurl.

      • They had a Bond movie marathon in December on Epix and I probably saw each Connery Bond movie at least twice. Now for Diamonds are Forever, I’m gonna go ahead and disagree with you on that one. After watching Pierce Brosnan Bond movies I can safely say those are at dead last. Anything with Connery is classic and that includes DAF

    • Come to Montreal! We have a bar here called Bond Lounge that is decorated all in red velvet and dark wood, From Russia With Love style. All the cocktails are named after Bond girls and the martinis are named for villains, and they play Bond movies on a screen over the bar. When I first heard about it I couldn’t tell if it was too much, but then I got to drink a Pussy Galore while watching Connery facepalm a woman off a bed after basically raping her and I was like “Nope. Just enough.”

  6. I was living in Ukraine when the Bond movie “Die Another Day” came out. They had large posters all over town with a translation of the title in Russian. Their version of the title was “DIE!!! But not right now.”

    I appreciate the Russians for making things simultaneously more violent and more polite at the same time.

  7. That’s an insane multiplayer splitscreen function for the new Goldeneye game.
    Why didn’t the developers just make an online play function like every other company?

  8. Wow, look at top left! Top left is crazy! Top left is all doing its own thing while the rest are basically doing the same thing copying each other. Props to top left.

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