Even with the camera turned sideways, this is still better than Katy Perry’s Jennifer Hudson’s “tribute” at the Grammy’s last night. That seemed a lot more like a tribute to Jennifer Hudson than anything else. Relax, Jennifer Hudson. These ladies, on the other hand, only care about one thing: the beautiful music. R.I.P. Whitney Houston. You are in heaven now, dancing with some angels who love you. (Via Gothamist.)

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  1. It will always be too soon for this.

  2. I will always love this.

  3. nothing exciting every happens on my trains, just some homeless folks (with brand new sneakers) begging for change or spare food.

  4. Where do I sign up to be her Kevin Costner?

  5. Whitney Houston, Kim Jong Un, and Katy Perry’s hat. What a weird trio this weekend.

  6. BING KHALIFA WANTS TO DO A WHITNEY TRIBUTE TOO THE WAY HE KEEPS JUMPIN ALL UP ON THE PAGE (this is a joke about an ad that is on the page today that will be rendered meaningless in a week but I’m too lazy to screencap it so just trust me when I say I was annoyed, people of earth reading videogum after the day they change this wiz khalifa bing thing to something else)

  7. They must’ve been stopping at Houston when the filmed this.

  8. Greece is on fire.

  9. this will forever-ever-ever be the best whitney houston tribute, sorry subway ladies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ri5-uR8-3AE

  10. Uh, Whitney Houston died? Way to break it to me gently, Gabe.

  11. Katy Perry looked like a shrink-wrapped troll doll last night!

  12. I just can’t figure out why people keep quoting a Dolly Parton’s Song from the 70′s.

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