Bill O’Reilly is a liar and an asshole, end of story. There’s absolutely nothing he could ever really do to make up for the years of disinformation and hate-mongering that he has broadcast through his FOX News program and his children’s books. The worst part about Bill O’Reilly, and I have said this before, is the painfully clear fact that the dude doesn’t even believe in half of the garbage things that come out of his mouth. He just says them because he knows they will appeal to his viewership, and he can continue to make lots of money. (As a point of reference on this particular issue, I highly recommend listening to/watching a Bill O’Reilly interview in the “liberal media,” either on The Daily Show or Fresh Air with Terry Gross*. It’s interesting! He almost always comes off as thoughtful and intelligent. Which only makes things worse. Because that means he’s aware.) All of this being said, today we offer credit where credit is due, and point to a rare moment of moral clarity from Mr. O’Reilly. In the wake of the Ellen Degeneres – JC Penny – Million Homophobic Moms dust up, O’Reilly addressed the issue on his show, and not only stood up for Ellen Degeneres’s corporate spokesmanship, which, well, of course he did, I mean, right, but he also stood up for gay rights in general. It’s actually pretty good:

Right? Right. You actually kind of have to give it up to Bill O’Reilly on this one. Ultimately one might argue that his argument stems more from the conservative belief in free enterprise and the economic defense of a fellow millionaire, but it doesn’t really matter. However you get to the argument that homophobes should go fuck themselves is unimportant as long as you agree that homophobes should go fuck themselves. (Via GotchaMedia.)

*Bill O’Reilly rather notoriously stormed out of the studio during his Fresh Air interview with Terry Gross, which would seem to undermine my argument that his away game interviews with the visiting team reveal him to be more level-headed and considerate. But in reality, the interview IS very even-keeled and interesting up until the point where he loses his temper, and to be completely honest, I think he was right to be angry or at least annoyed with Terry Gross who really WAS trying to bait him with pointed, antagonistic questions. So, I stand by this as an example of O’Reilly’s potential for rational thought.
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  1. In other news, dogs and cats are living together.

  2. “I shop at JC Penny.” -Bill O’Reilly

  3. he sounds a little stuffy…maybe its the cough medicine?

  4. Fake and gay? Just kidding.

  5. Bill O’Reilly is the worst, but Terry Gross is seriously unprofessional. And Ellen is great.

    • Has no one ever heard Terry Gross’ interview with Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter right before their show came out where she fawns over Showalter and his academic family and just lays into MIB for being a sell-out? It was PAINFUL.

    • Fine, downvote me some more. See if I care. I don’t even need it for my EGOT, because I already have it. But I’ll take another one. And I won’t share. Hahahahahahahaha.

      Terry Gross is a jerk.

      • And NPR tote bags are not as sturdy as you would like them to be.

      • I got your back on this one, badideajeans. I think she’s the worst interviewer on the radio. She consistently gets outstanding guests, and then she walks them to the brink of some really interesting point and then she changes the subject. Always. Grrrrrrr.

        • Also, she gets lots of basic facts wrong and has to be constantly corrected. Terry Gross is not good at her job. If she were coming up today she’d be hosting a podcast in her kitchen.

          • THANK YOU, YOU GUYS. I am glad I am not alone on this… though I never am after I make people listen to that awful, awful M&M interview.

          • I never comment, but I had to register just to say I totally agree. Did anyone listen to her Trent Reznor interview? It was so embarrassing! She only talked about the work he did in the 90s, and wouldn’t let up on pressing him to talk about what was obviously a pretty painful past. Maybe he’s just a whiny millionaire without a sense of humor… but that whole interview made me so uncomfortable.

            I will say her Gillian Welch/David Rawlings and Louis CK interviews are EXCELLENT. But she often makes me bristle.

  6. He’s on the right side of the argument, but his analogy to McCarthy and the HUAC hearings makes no sense at all. You can’t compare someone’s political leanings to their sexual orientation, because the former is a choice and the latter is not (I realize some people disagree about the choice thing, but I don’t think most of them read this blog).

    If I held political views that advocated hatred and bigotry, it would be fair to demand I be removed as a company’s spokesman. Even if I held views that were otherwise benign, it would be fair for people who disagreed with those views to petition for me to be fired.

    What would not be fair, and is the case here, would be to demand I be fired for possessing a quality about which I had no say – whether that be race, sexual orientation, etc.

    Of course the McCarthyites and the Million Moms are both wrong, but they’re wrong for different reasons.

    • Man do I wish I’d hit refresh before posting my comment; great analysis and all my up-votes to you sir.

    • Ooooh, I’m not sure I’m completely comfortable with this assessment. I can appreciate your thinking and what I believe you’re really saying, but I don’t think your “rule” can be applied universally. For example, what if the spokesperson were a Muslim? Or a Jewish? (That is the correct syntax, right?) Religion is a choice some folks make as well, and it would be equally unfair, in my opinion, to demand they be removed as spokesperson of something. At the end of the day, that alarmist attitude all boils down to hatred and bigotry in my book – just another form of “us and them” mentality.

      • I hear what you’re saying, but just because someone adheres to a belief structure doesn’t automatically make it valid. There are people who are into some pretty fucked up shit and think that their beliefs are as valid as those of the adherents to the religions you mention. (I’m looking at you, Rick Santorum and pretty much every outspoken religious politician)

        I’m more concerned about living in a world where everyone’s afraid to call people out on their bullshit just because they’re hiding behind a claim of religious belief than I am of one where people are called on to account for their bullshit.

        • Well, I really only used religion as an example of Inoffensive Choices People Make Sometimes That Should Not Put Them In Danger of Firing. Maybe not a great example of that, as of course people can and do sometimes claim really weird shit in the name of religious freedom. But, my real point is that I don’t think it’s necessarily smart to make the distinction between factors beyond vs. under our control (in the – to use your term – ‘benign’ cases of such) when assessing discriminatory practices.

  7. This is probably just Phase Two of Bill “Liberal Ninja” O’Reilly’s plan to infiltrate hateful, fear-mongering places of power with common sense and human decency.

    Brave, brave Bill O’Reilly.

  8. Damn it! Every time I think I can write off O’Reilly as a complete monster he goes and shows us his rational, humane side. He even slips in a dig against McCarthyism.

  9. 1:27
    lady in the blue tracksuit agrees.

  10. Are we sure Bill O’Reilly isn’t just a misogynist? Who would the misogynist side with, the one lady or the million ladies? #foolprooftheories #math

  11. “As long as she is not the spokesperson for Pepsi, I really couldn’t care less. Once she becomes the Pepsi spokesman, she is infringing on my rights.” — Bill O’Reilly, privately #ludicrous #Ludacris

  12. You Can Make it Up: Bill O’Reilly and Ellen Agree.

  13. It was nice of Ellen to offer Bill use of her employee discount. In other news, all New York area JC Penny’s are out of loofas.

  14. Well I’ll be a horse’s ass.

  15. Listen, I get it: it’s refreshing that Bill O’Reilly expressed an opinion that some folks would find surprising (you and I are on the same page on this one, Gabe – he is a FAKER!) and one that will likely cause him to lose points with his general viewership. But let’s not give him too shiny of a medal for not being… er… pretending to be a total asshole for once. It sets a bad precedent, you know?

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