I’m not sure what this video of zookeepers in Tokyo training for the possibility of an animal escape is a metaphor for, but I am smart enough to understand that it is a metaphor for something, and I have EYES enough to know that it is a beautiful one. Is it a big, broad idea, like “war” or “religion”? Is it a small, specific idea, like loving someone based on preconceived notions you have about that person, only to find in the end that they weren’t quite accurate and that you only loved the “paper mâché rhino,” so to speak? Who knows. Just something to think about. For days and days and days and days and days. (Via Neatorama.)

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  1. They actually started out trying to build a paper mâché Godzilla but ran out of glue. So while this seems kind of funny at first, Tokyo remains woefully unprepared for an attack.

  2. It is a metaphor for an existential slumber.

  3. I hate to get all political, and I know I’ll get down votes for this, but zoos will continue to run rampant with escaped paper mâché animals until the government passes legislation to allow our nations’ zookeepers to carry Mod Podge guns.

  4. Interesting. I spent some time in my youth working for the Mexican police force dealing with escaped papermache donkeys. And the way they handle these types of situations is to charge at the animal blindfolding and beat it with sticks until it breaks open to reveal piles of candy.

  5. Not to be a downer, but real rhinos can run about 65km/hr. Unless the emergency they’re preparing for is an actual papier mâché animal escaping…I don’t think those nets are going to hold.

  6. Look, I’m not going to post the gif of the rhino scene from Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, though it would be terribly apropos. And I would say, probably the only time it would be appropriate to mention anywhere. But, I just wanted to remind everyone of that. And of Tommy Davidson.

  7. If the net and gun didn’t work, plan B was to lure it toward a perimeter of anime body pillows and then feed it too much okonomiyaki.

    Plan C was to have it audition a series of female rhinos for a potential mate; the one it chose would then immobilize it using poison and acupuncture.

  8. Watch out! He’s on a ram-page!

  9. Fake and paper mâché.

  10. This is Haruki Murakami’s wet dream.

  11. This is clearly a scene from the upcoming Top Secret! remake, but who is going to play ‘Chocolate Mousse?’

  12. Matthew Barney films aren’t as good without the Bjork soundtrack.

  13. I do love how they felt the need to not only have moveable ears, but that the person in the suit decided to move them around during the excercise.

  14. Where do I send my resume to apply for the job of steering the paper mâché rhino?

  15. Why don’t they just set it on fire? That would stop it.

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