• I like these pictures of a redditor’s dad, apparently, who photoshops himself into movies and movie posters SO MUCH! My goodness. What a hands-down delight. -Reddit
  • This is a supercut of slow motion shots from Wes Anderson movies set to different Ja Rule songs. I bet you’re like, “Why didn’t IIIII think of that,” right now, right? Ugh, you’re so predictable. -Uproxx
  • Will Ferrell introduced the starting line-ups of the Chicago Bulls and New Orleans Hornets at a basketball game yesterday. You should watch it, probably! It only takes like a minute and I think you’ll probably enjoy it! -SportsGrid
  • So, Michael Showalter was on What What Happens Live last night and announced that there was “definitely” going to be a Wet Hot American Summer sequel. I think that was not a true statement? I mean, who knows. But I don’t think so? Right? Do you guys think so? -FilmDrunk
  • I’m certainly aware that everyone in Hollywood has a fake name because that’s just what the public WANTS, but I was still totally blown away by this slideshow of actor’s with their real names. Probably because my brain is feeling extra dumb today? I don’t know. But maybe you’ll like it too? And you’ll send the names to your friends? And you’ll be like, “Can you believe it?!” And they’ll be like, “I don’t care about this”? -HuffingtonPost
  • Oh my goodness, is Macaulay Culkin ok?! I really don’t think he is! Doesn’t he have anyone who loves him around? Does he need one of us to bring him some soup or milk or something? -ONTD
  • Here is a video compilation of some Downton Abbey anachronisms. I would never in a million years know that a bunch of these were anachronisms. -RatsOff
  • Requiem for a Dream,  your favorite movie of all time, recreated with puppets. Great. -TheDailyWhat
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  1. sometimes i wonder if didn’t take ja rule for granted when he was around. i miss him, is all.

  2. I would never in a million years know that a bunch of these were anachronisms.

    I have a feeling that might be because whoever put together that reel was taking a wild fucking guess.

  3. Those celebrity real names are fun to see, but I take umbrage that you call them straight up fake names, Kelly, seeing as some of them are just diminutive first name changes, specifically Charlie Sheen and Chuck Norris’ real first names being Carlos. Carlos is Spanish for Charles, of which Charlie and Chuck are diminutives.

    Same goes for any star just using their middle name as their first name (Tina Fey), their middle name as their last name (Jon Stewart), etc. The real interesting ones are the actual new, fake names, like Marilyn Monroe changing her name from Norma Jean Mortenson, or your Whoopi Goldbergs of the world.

    Celebrity pseudonyms are fun though, seeing as they are famous people and it’s weird to sometimes even just think of calling them by their first names, like Michael Fassbender as just ‘Michael,’ or Nic Cage as just ‘Nic,’ without their last name plugged in to make them identifiable as celebrities (and how sometimes their first names transcend to where just by referring to them by one name is enough, i.e., Brad, Angelina, George, etc), let alone hearing that they actually have a completely different name from back when they weren’t known to the masses.

  4. Ok Kelly, so what are your and Gabe’s real names?

  5. macaulay looks like he needs a whole cheese pizza

  6. Actually, my real name is Leaf Rafael Bottom

  7. The craziest thing about the name slideshow for me was seeing what Katy Perry wore to the Super Bowl. With that outfit and hair, I totally understand why the bus full of Patriots ignored her attempt to get their attention.

  8. So Elvis Costello’s real name actually IS Declan McManus? Just like Jack Donaghy said three years ago? Does that mean he is also an international art thief? I think yes.

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