Schwarzenegger posted this photo of him and Sylvester Stallone in pre-op together waiting for their simultaneous shoulder surgeries along with the following caption:

After all the action, stunts & physical abuse shooting The Expendables 2 and The Last Stand, it was time for a little tune up on my shoulder. Look who was coincidentally waiting in line behind me for his shoulder surgery. Now we’re ready for another round of great times and action when we shoot The Tomb.

Hahahaha. Of course, dear. Shhhhhh. Just rest now. All we want is for you to come home. GET WELL SOON, BOYS! (Via BlameItOnTheVoices.)

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  1. Are we still sure it’s not a tumor?

  2. Thank god there’s no footage of the next day when they went in for side-by-side colonoscopies.

  3. Madame Tussaud’s is making some weird choices these days.

  4. “No, I’m sure I only banged 2 of my assistants on set.”

  5. “And the entire state actually elected me Governor! I don’t even know what that word means!”

  6. “Where is everybody?” –Bruce Willis at Planet Hollywood.

  7. Carefullll… remember what happened the last time Schwarzenegger went into hospital!

  8. Poor things! I’ve been there. But don’t worry, after six months of physical therapy, you’ll be good as new! (no you won’t)

  9. GET TO THE CHOPPER the nurse to change my chamber pot

  10. “Doctor, you can’t operate on this patient; his tattoos are TOO cool” – Nurse Johnson

  11. Last Traction Hero.

  12. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  13. This photo has made me question my heterosexuality.

  14. Okay, what the heck is WhoSay? Is it Famous Person MySpace? I googled it and Willow Smith was the first one. Is Willow Smith the most famous person on WhoSay?

  15. This is literally the first time in my life I have regretted having tattoos. Thanks, Sly. You owe me a referral to your plastic surgeon… actually, hold off on that referral, because you look a little melty today.

  16. More like simultaneous nightmare face surgery, amirite?

  17. Why does Arnold look like Jocelyn Wlidenstein?

  18. Now THAT must have been one unintelligible conversation.

  19. Best anti-steroid ad ever. Put this up in every locker room around the country.

  20. Sorry guys, this might be my fault. I’ve been standing on the shoulders of giants.

  21. Schwarzenegger: Gabbledy garbldy mistress cigars KALlifornia
    Stallone: Smmoshing smushing steroids blerg that time I was in porn italiano.

    A conversation before surgery.

    Jean claude van Damme: What the fuck are you guys saying?

  22. Mandelbaum wins again.

  23. Lookin’ goooooood, Arnold.

  24. Haha, the tomb.

  25. “Now we’re ready for another round of great times and action”

    Oh how I wish I could have heard him say that aloud.

  26. Arnold: “Hahaha, look at us: Twins!”
    Stallone: “Take it easy, man. You’re being a little Over the Top.”

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