Who needs a vacation? Nobody. We just took one and it was perfect. (Via @Univore.)

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  1. Wow, that guy from Lost Boys has really let himself go.

  2. Goddamnit. My ex said that we were making that for her eyes only.

  3. I’m worried about Robert De Niro, you guys.

  4. He wasn’t wearing a bikini, and I didn’t actually hear much saxophone. Lots of beach though, that’s good.

  5. Italian, French, of Floridian?

  6. you are encouraged to remix this song, but i just dont think you can alter perfection

  7. Yikes… I need some Saxophone Bikini Bleach… for my eyes… because of this video… I want to blind myself for watching this is what I’m getting at.

    • That won’t accomplish anything, FLW. You’ll still have the mental image forever. However, for a low fee, I’m willing to perform a lobotomy on the portion of your brain containing the memory. I’m good at this sort of stuff.

  8. i believe this is a deleted scene from Season 3 of Lost.

  9. I could just eat that man for dessert.

  10. I think I need a vacation FROM my vacation! amiright?

  11. I feel like that video didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Like, maybe it lived up to around 66% of my expectations, but then left me about 33% disappointed.

  12. This for some reason reminds me of that mononymous guy with the power to change your life by staring at you creepily for extended periods of time. It was posted on here i think about a year or so ago, does anyone remember his (one) name?

    Also, heimaey: Nailed It.

  13. 33% of that video’s title is a flat-out lie.

  14. As a former saxophone player and a big fan of dinosaurs, this appeals to my interests.

  15. Remember ‘Champagne Taste’? Anyone? It was exactly one year ago. Happy Univore Anniversary.


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