Aww, here’s a bit of sad news. (Both “sad” and “news” being used the way they’ve always been intended, everything’s going great.) In a recent interview with The Herald Scotland, Robert Pattinson spoke about how his involvement in and the reaction to the Twilight franchise have changed the way he looks at filmmaking. The things college courses in 2015 will be made of, no doubt. Though you’d predict his response might be something like, “They changed how I didn’t know movies could be so good,” his answer is actually something QUITE DIFFERENT! And very sad. Here is the quote, from Us, which is the source I’m quoting it from even though I’ve already stated that it’s originally from another source:

“Doing something like Twilight opens doors and it closes others. You can say, ‘Oh if I was still unknown, then no one would judge me,’” Pattinson said. “But at the same time, nobody would give a shit either.”

Oh, Robert. You poor, poor baby. We all go through times of self-doubt — times of thinking that no one would give a shit about us, had we not been a part of whatever very successful franchise we’re a part of currently. That’s just life. Ups and downs. So I’ve put together a little something for you, and I hope it brightens your day — even just the slightest bit.

I hope it finds you in good health, Robert Pattinson. Remember that you are loved.

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  1. Somebody send Robert a home video of a wind-swept plastic bag, STAT!

  2. Waking up next to Kristen Stewart every morning will do this to a man.

  3. It Gets Blooder.

  4. It’s just so sad that he won’t get everything he wants before he’s 30. There is no justice in this world.

  5. Dammit, everyone’s sad today!! Time to break out the big guns.

  6. Actually, Robert, when you’re unknown, nobody gives a shit about you AND you’re judged all the time. It’s pretty unbearable.

  7. I guess all that glitters isn’t gold

  8. Well if he’s always this sad, it’s no wonder his face is sliding off of his head!

  9. Team Crybaby

  10. Tell that to LANA:

  11. It’s not like if he’d gone with his alternate career choice, cashier at Starbucks, that I wouldn’t be judging him when I gave him an extra quarter after he’d opened the drawer to give me change back on the $5 bill I gave him for the $4.13 drink I ordered and he couldn’t work out in his head that he owed me $1.12 back.

    So really, he was in a no-win situation from the get-go.

  12. I sort of feel bad for the guy — HEAR ME OUT.

    He gets super famous super fast for a movie he knows is crap and no one actually expected to do well. Within a day or two, he’s got insane tweens, teens and moms stalking and screaming and generally being awful. No privacy. No ability to do anything remotely normal. (And this made A LOT of people self-destruct quickly.) When he wants to do what he got in the business to do, no one takes him seriously (hahahaha, yeah, this one is a stretch) because of the movie he was contracted to be in and will define him for the rest of his life. Plus he may be stuck dating someone he hates until this franchise is finally over and being in a shitty relationship will make anyone unhappy. And when he does date again, he will have a terrible time figuring out if the person actually likes him, likes him for his money and fame or likes him for playing a shitty vampire in a bad movie based on a terrible book.

    We can laugh because our misery is broker and more relate able but no one is doing actual blog posts making fun of our complaints. (Except for justdesserts and he won that in a contest.)

    AND when the fame goes away and people stop blowing smoke up your ass, you get bummed. Really really bummed — especially if it kind of defined you (even if you hated it at the time) and now it’s gone. And sure he’ll always have residuals, but I wouldn’t want to be a national punchline. And he is now — when things are good.

    • And from what I’ve read of him, he seems to know this is a hollow existence. Plus even normal actors are insane so he could have serious issues anyway and it’s magnified from this super fucked up echo culture Gabe was talking about earlier.

      I read a story somewhere (maybe heard it from a friend) that some girl FREAKED THE FUCK OUT on him when he was walking down the street in Hollywood before Twilight even hit the theater. So he took her to lunch and kind of broke down what his real life was like and talked about what he was actually going to do that day — get laundry, get drunk, whatever — and she sort of got over him quickly because she’s in love with an image not a person. If this is true (and I do hope that it is), I have a lot of respect for someone in his position who would do that.

      • I see what you are saying and it’s certainly a valid point. We can treat celebrities like roses one day and garbage the next, it must affect their egos. Still, most actors will never reach his fame or make his money so I’m sort of like “just deal with it.” #WhitePeopleProblems

        • Well that and their entire being is based on people validating them, be it by getting cast or by the success of what they were cast in. Normal people become nuts. Then add fame. Then add money. Then add a lack of perspective… and if you get to a certain level (this is esp dangerous for kid stars) you only know one way. And when it’s gone, it’s GONE. Even people that were in one movie 30 years ago are still lurking around, thinking they’re going to break back inside. Fun fact: They will not. Get a job, child actors (that isn’t life coaching or teaching spinning).

          It’s a toxic place for everyone, look at Todd Levin’s piece he wrote about not making it after he started writing for Conan.

          But the insane rise has killed so many people, that I think it’s probably good on some level to bitch about why it’s not all great. I would not want screaming people outside my place ever, let alone every day all the time.

          • Yeah fame can drive a person nuts. No doubt. I’ve seen it happen. But I still have a hard time feeling bad for them. If I’m going to spend any time feeling bad for people it’s going to be: myself or starving people.

          • I don’t disagree with that. I just feel bad for people who have no privacy and get sucked into the terrible Hollywood vortex. I hope he comes out okay because he seems less awful than others.

      • I’ve always gotten that vibe from Pattinson as well. He knows the Twilight films are ridiculous, the fan base is banana cakes, and he’s gotta ride it out.

        But he’s also doing interviews where he says shit like, “If I was still unknown, then no one would judge me, but at the same time, nobody would give a shit either,” which I’m not harping on him because of his poor ‘woe is me’ attitude, but rather the fact that both sides of that statement aren’t true, as pointed out by other people on this blog post. People judge, period. Also, people give a shit about you if you have friends and family, and that’s that.

        In the grand conjecturing scheme of things, maybe he’s referring to the craft of acting, in that if he was an unknown actor then he could work out his acting chop and not fear a bajillion eyes on him, but if he was a no name actor then no one would be watching. Ah, fame. So maybe the quote is taken out of context (probably), maybe Pattinson isn’t the best at expressing himself (probably), and maybe my conjecture isn’t what he meant, and he actually meant it as the internet is taking it (probably not? I would like to hope so).

        The Hollywood system is fucked up. The rabid attention and celbrity “news”, paparazzi (UGH I FUCKING HATE PAPARAZZI), actors going nutso, it’s sounds pretty gross. But. Still. The money is OBSCENE. So it’s a trade off.

        I’ll be passively interested to see what Pattinson decides to do next. Maybe after T:BDP2 comes out, he’ll lay really low, pick his projects carefully, and in ten years he can remake The Departed with the guys who directed Crank 2.

        • Oh man, the paparazzi are terrifying. I saw them jump out of the bushes and run down the street after a person that they *thought* was famous and was very much not. Plus half of the ones hired by the big aggregating photo sites are ex thugs and are gruff and mean and scary if they’re not lurking in bushes or next to dumpsters. Or that was the case in L.A. when I was there.

          Personally, I think he’s talking about acting. Or he might be talking about how he can’t go out for a beer w/out giant headlines. I don’t know. I just am glad that I’m not him, even with the money.

    • I don’t know… he chose to be in Twilight. It was always horrible, and he chose to be in that horrible. I don’t feel sorry for him. He was already in Harry Potter, and that was great. Anyways, now he probably got more parts because of Twilight. I do feel that he is very normal and it sucks to be a celebrity.

    • I agree with everything you say except for suggesting he’s in a fake relationship with Kristen Stewart, which isn’t the case, AT ALL. First of all he’d be able to go 3+ years without being seen with another woman? And I’m not talking about the gossip rumors here. That’s absurd. The guy can’t lie, Kristen said so herself. He’s not like that and would never put up with it. Also I met Kristen a couple of times, once briefly and another we actually exchanged words, you know conversation. She’s truly a great person. I see why he was so enamored with her from the get-go. Anyway I think the bottom line here is Rob is an A-List CELEBRITY/SEX-SYMBOL, not an A-List ACTOR-yet. He got the fame before the respect. So he’s got this crazy, obsessed fanbase (truly crazy) on the one hand, which is great in a way. I’m sure there are plenty of actors who’d love to be in his position, the ones who crave the fame first. Then again, he has industry people, potential employers in Hollywood cringing every time they think about hiring him for a new project because of said fans and the hoopla that surrounds him. Security budget alone has to give studios pause. Cronenberg had to increase security in Toronto because people were talking his trailer at 3 am and attracted the paparazzi. He knows it’s embarrassing but doesn’t want to alienate the people who have supported him so far. Catch-22. He’s not whining, just explaining the reality he’s facing now.

      • Hello Kristen

        • Oh boy.
          You ever start reading one of these comments, and about halfway through you think to yourself, “This is this person’s first comment. They made an account and picked an avatar out so they could say this one important thing I that am now in the process of reading and am going to read to the very end. But first, real quick like, let me click on the avatar and seeeeee- Yup. First time poster.” It feels good to get validation for your own internet instincts.

          ANYyway. I have no opinion on what kvaughn75 just said. I certainly don’t want to waste time thinking about whether two celebrities’ relationship is “real.”

          Where’s that dog jpeg that doesn’t have an opinion?

          • I don’t know… I’m a little flattered that Kristen Stewart joined Videogum just to let me know that I was wrong about their love. At first I thought it was a fan girl, but she didn’t tell me that I didn’t deserve to have fingers, so it’s totally KStew.

            Honey, if you’re reading this, please use your face when you act. It’s kind of weird that you do not. Off-putting if you will.

      • he’s an actor, i.e. professional liar. they fake everything. of course he can lie.

  13. Actually, after reading my third paragraph and Pattinson’s quote, he was OBVIOUSLY talking about acting ‘if I was still unkown…’, and I somehow completely forgot what he said inbetween pasting that quote in and writing up a fucking analysis of it. Good lord. Got to bed, me.

    • And that was supposed to be a reply to my other comment. I was typing in a rush so I could get back to work, and both of those comments probably could have used a quick proofing. Forgive me. WWED (What would Edward do?)

      • So I just read the interview too. He is obviously talking about acting. But even still — every goddamn character he will ever play will forever be compared to Edward Cullen. That still sounds awful.

        But also, because he was a vampire for sex-frightened teens, if he’s talking about ANYTHING it will be taken out of context. Until it isn’t. And then a week after that stops shit places like US Weekly will do a “what ever happened to Edward Cullen” and either mock his new work or dismiss him as a has-been. And then will do a quick 180 when he dies, celebrating his wonderful career but really only talking about Twilight because by then the now-tween/teen/mom uberfans will be old enough to appreciate it ironically or wistfully. And also because it sells more magazines and gets more blog posts than his not-Twilight stuff.

        If I was forever defined by my early 20s, I’d be cranky and sad too.

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