Happy Birthday, Josh. (Thanks for the tip, Liam.)

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  1. THAT’s where he gets it from.

  2. This had a real Dan Aykroyd in Nothing But Trouble vibe.

  3. It’s nice of grandpa to give grandma partial credit on that song. It was also nice of him to marry a muppet.

  4. Glad Randy Newman found a new gig now that he can’t be on the Oscars.

  5. Josh also might get the Mortifying Grandparents Blues.

  6. I have nothing here. I thought these two were charmers and it makes me miss my grandparents.


    Parks and Rec really sucks, right?

  7. Josh’s grandma is Donna Godchaux?


  8. I wouldn’t mind if all 10 of my favorite websites showed me this video today.

  9. how awful. what kind of family doesn’t let someone pick out their own pizza toppings until they’re 18?

  10. A good case for the legalization of marijuana? Or the best case for the legalization of marijuana?

    • Judging from their need to wear sunglasses inside, I’m going to guess its medicinal for glaucoma.

    • My 82 year old grandpa got medical marijuana and smoked it with his 78 year old best friend for the first time in their whole lives last year!!! “Hey Fatima the doctor game me some of those funny cigarettes, don’t tell your grandma!” – direct quote. My grandpa’s a bouncy, insane little Algonquin man and his best friend is a tall British greaser who still wears his hair in a ducktail and rolls his cigarettes up in his sleeve. I would have given anything in the world to have been there.

    • “I want some of what Grandma’s smoking.” – me, 5 seconds in.

  11. I didn’t even know John Goodman could play the piano.

  12. Man I really wished they had turned this into a movie.

  13. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa, but my name is Eric and this is eight years late.

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