As we know, pranks are the worst and never pull them. But in the spirit of Jimmy Kimmel’s “eat all your kids’ Halloween candy” prank and his “give your kids a bad Christmas present” prank, his latest “turn the TV off during the Super Bowl” is pretty good as far as pranks go.

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  1. Although this is the worst thing that could possibly happen; I STILL REFUSE TO GET OFF THE COUCH!

  2. Adults are just meaner babies.

  3. Melissa McCarthy CAMEO!!!!

  4. Not as funny as the Halloween challenge, but still funny nonetheless.

    I can’t wait for his Valentine’s Day challenge when asks viewers to pull out mid-coitus. Wait. That would never happen.

  5. “Oh no, Madonna just got turned off. Instead of picking up the remote and turning it on, an activity that would take 5 seconds at the most, let me pick up a metal folding chair and attempt grievous assault on a friend or loved one in a manner befitting of a grown-up.”

  6. They should have done this to the gay men watching Madonna’s half-time show.

  7. I think an even funnier, albeit meaner prank would be turning the channel to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

  8. I can’t believe how many people immediately resorted to violence… oh wait, yes I can.

  9. Would have been better if that woman had told her husband to get rid of the HOLIDAY tree.

  10. These are the delicate NFL fans who could not handle MIA’s middle finger. Poor things!

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