Over the past decade or so, Angelina Jolie’s public image has moved from that of a blood-necklace wearing bad girl with tattoos dating a weirdo, to that of a husband-stealing, Jennifer-Anniston’s-life-ruining, I can’t believe she did that!, how could she!!!, Jennifer Anniston is so sad White House visiting mother with remnants of tattoos that she is in the process of getting removed, dating Brad Pitt. It’s fine. We all change, we all grow up. At some point we all have to put down the Manic Panic and move upload all of our our Dead Kennedys CDs onto the computer, so we can load them onto our iPhone, right next to Deerhunter and the Dirty Projectors, where they will sit largely unlistened t0 for the rest of our lives. But luckily for most of us, we get to do this in the privacy of our own apartments and high school yearbook photos. Someone like poor old Angelina Jolie has to do it right in the public eye, and now the entire world’s public asking in chorus — “Angelina, ARE YOU STILL A BAD GIRL???” Except sometimes we’re not asking her, and sometimes we’re asking her boyfriend, Brad Pitt — desperately searching for an answer, no matter where we can get it from. So Brad Pitt, PLEASE answer the question. IS ANGELINA STILL A BAD GIRL? From CBS:

“She’s still a bad girl, delightfully so. It’s not for public consumption.”

Oh ugh, gross, Brad Pitt. Save it for your bedroom. Barf. We’re literally all barfing right now. You’re disgusting. Both of you are disgusting. (But like how is she a bad girl?) (Just curious.) (She’s in the public eye, we have a right to know.) (Brad?) (Via Celebuzz.)

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  1. “i got moneyballed on the car ride over here” – brad pitt

  2. Not for public consumptionYET. Just wait until Joel McHale gets a clip of her shouting at Brad to pop off.

  3. Hahaha. He told that to CBS. I can only speculate as to what that means to the CBS crowd:

    She goes to bed after 11 p.m.
    She forgets to take her calcium supplements.
    She’s still addicted to heroin.

  4. butt stuff, probably

  5. i used to be annoyed by her, but she’s gotten to be so damn boring over the past few years that i can’t even muster much of a response to anything she does now.

  6. “She’s still a bad girl, delightfully so. [Sometimes, when she's bad, I make her sit on a chair in the corner for a time out and then, I ask if she's good. She says no, so I...Sorry, wait, my publicist is waving frantically at me. What? Why do you keep yelling 'cranberry' over and over? What was that code for? Stop what? Walking? Oh, crap talking. Sorry, ] It’s not for public consumption.” Brad Pitt’s uncut CBS interview.

  7. I am going on the record to say that if my dad ever said about my mom on national television, I would set myself on fire. So Jolie-Pitt children, I hope you have much better coping skills because that is a mental image you will never be able to erase.

  8. I have always interpreted her public persona as “boring, self-involved person who might be kinda a bitch but who knows about that last bit. But definitely boring, probably.” Was that not what she was going for?

  9. I heard you like bad girls, honey…is that true?

  10. I heard you like orcs, honey…is that true?

  11. That is none of my business. I remember something like ten years ago Angelina was quoted saying she likes knife play, so I’ll just go with thinking that’s what Brad meant by his comment and leave it at that as I get back to my own business now.

    That or pegging, probably.

  12. I’m pretty sure She’s not getting all of her tattoos lasered off. If there’s something I missed there, please correct me.
    That said, you guys like to just make up shit when it comes to tattoos and tin foil hats, and it’s becoming annoying.
    Guess Why.

  13. I’d make some kind of M.I.A. joke about this, but today doesn’t really seem like the right day to do so.

  14. you guys see moneyball yet? I liked it okay but I liked it better when it came out 30 years ago and they called it bad news bears

  15. Oh yeah Brad. I know just what you mean about bad girls. *wink wink* I live with one too. *wink wink* She draws on the walls with crayons and then tears pages out of her story books. That kindof thing, right?

  16. I’m a bad girl.

    Because I’m a boy. That makes me the worst possible girl.

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