• A collection of posters displaying step-by-step moves to all of your favorite TV and movie dances, from the artist Niege Borges. “Ooohh, he should do one with the Robyn dance.” -Everyone’s embarrassed brain. -IWatchStuff
  • Uhoh, Uggie is sick! Guys. What if Uggie dies at the Oscars? Or what if he dies BEFORE the Oscars? Or what if he dies right before he has to be shown at the Oscars? This seems like it could be a disaster! Poor Uggie! I’ll miss you! I’m sorry you’re sick! I’ll see you in heaven! -Vulture
  • Parks and Recreation writers answer some question about Tom and Ann’s relationship, and answer the question NO ONE was thinking about Leslie and Ron. Gross yuck. -E!
  • Oh holy moly, this clip from this British game show is about 8 minutes long, but you should still watch it. It’s a dating show and the guy is a jerk and keeps saying all the wrong things. Watch it! I know I didn’t sell you on it, but watch it anyway! -TheDailyWhat
  • Here is a supercut of TV shows connected by TV show references within the TV shows. It’s very good aside from how they connect Gilmore Girls with The Office by using a quote rather than the show title. Uh, helloooo. I’m sure Gilmore Girls mentioned SOME TV show at some point. Those qals qere the queens of references, c’mon. -TastefullyOffensive
  • PETA is mad at Liam Neeson for eating wolf stew, or something, in preparation for filming his movie The Grey. And then they’re mad about some other stuff about it too. Those guys. -Dlisted
  • The thing that’s so shitty about this Gisele quote is how it’s something that NONE of us would ever even think of saying about our loved one’s relationship with their coworkers. Especially not when we thought we were only talking to our friends. And especially not after the loved one just had a big loss and strangers were heckling US about it. What a horrible woman!!!!! -PopWatch
  • Did you guys watch Jimmy Fallon after The Voice? Did you miss it? In case you missed it, here is the opening thing from it! -PopCultureBrain
  • The important Puppy Bowl results that are not getting talked about enough today. What’s wrong, everybody? CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE? Hahah. -WarmingGlow


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  1. So basically Gisele is saying her husband can’t juggle?

  2. I watched the actual moment of embarrassment on Saturday night.

    Other things to note:

    The utter juicebox came down the ‘Take Me Out’ love-lift to Chris Brown’s ‘Beautiful People’. As an armchair Take Me Out contestant, I mentally switch my lights off at all the male hopeful’s (mostly very terrible) music choices so that song was an obvious red flag.

    I was a bit drunk at the time and it felt like everything on tv was great that night.


  3. I am only like one minute into the British dating show, but I have to say that Lucy is rad with her Wonder Woman top and fancy hair. I bet she is British Wonder Woman.

    And then, we held on to our butts.

  4. I called it. FUMBLE IS MVP!!!

    • Is that MVP graphic placed to hide a puppy boner? I’m going to guess ‘probably not,’ but one must admit that’s a weird instant of that graphic eclipsing Fumble’s ‘area.’

      • Good point. I haven’t seen this kind of coverup since this morning, when news outlets discussed WHICH finger M.I.A. pointed at the camera.

        I guess we know how Fumble won over Aberdeen.

  5. OMG. I’m sorry, but there’s just a little bit of difference between all of us and Gisele Bundchen (besides the obvious that she’s drop dead gorgeous and fabulously wealthy and she gets paid to walk on a runway in lingerie and she helped decimate Bridget Moynahan’s relationship with Tom Brady): if WE were defending our husbands, we’d have the balls to say it to the camera or yell it back at those hecklers instead of WIMPING the hell out and muttering something nearly inaudible under our breath while about to retreat into an elevator. She’s just pissed that Eli Manning now has two Superbowl rings at her husband’s expense. She should go cry in her diamond-plated Cheerios.

  6. Is today the you get to caption the photo day or you get to make up the story day?
    also, when is “worst movie” day coming back? those are some rad blog posts I remember enjoying

  7. Guys!!
    Probably nobody is going to read this, BUT: I literally just watched Die Antwoord perform on The Late Show with David Letterman, and it was the most AWKWARD THING EVER! Dave did not know what to do when he shook Yolandi Visser’s hand and she had these freaky-ass giant black-lens contacts in her eyes. Also the audience was completely weirded out since they’re like 90% tourists from Nebraska.

    Oh, thank god Craig is on now. He’ll make everything better.

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