This week’s Best New Party Game comes from a FAILblog post of a Facebook thread but all the names are crossed out so maybe YOU (Time‘s Person of the Year, 2003) invented it! Basically, some IDIOT (everything begins and ends with idiots) posted a question on their Facebook page asking for help remembering a particular movie by giving such vague information that they could have been naming lots of movies. And then that person’s friends and family, who clearly hate him/her and think he/she is an idiot, posted lots of comments on the thread playing on this blooper. And thus a party game was born. All that was needed was a party. So let’s party. The game is pretty simple and I think you will both pick it up quickly and enjoy it immensely. Or maybe not. I’ve been wrong before. Just kidding. Never.

  • What’s that movie where Jason Statham kicks a guy in the face?
  • What’s that movie where Julianne Moore cries a lot?
  • What’s that movie where someone took Harrison Ford’s family?
  • What’s that movie where Will Ferrell has a temper tantrum?
  • What’s that movie where Stan Lee makes a cameo?

You get it. So why don’t you ACT PLAY LIKE IT.

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  1. What’s that movie where Nicolas Cage wears a wig?

  2. What’s that movie where they’re in World War II?

  3. What’s that movie where Tom Cruise wears sunglasses?

  4. It’s the movie Mark Wahlberg was in while he was supposed to be stopping 9/11

  5. What’s that movie that’s based on that video game?

  6. What’s that movie where they shoot cats with bb guns and sniff glue?

  7. What’s that Tim Burton movie where Johnny Depp plays that one guy?

  8. What’s the one where the guy’s a vampire?

  9. What’s that movie where Christopher Walken plays that guy who’s just a little bit…off?

  10. What’s that movie with Andy Serkis being CGI’ed into something?

  11. What’s that movie where they updated it for our generation?

  12. What’s that movie with all the boobs in it?

  13. What’s that movie where there’s an Indian in the cupboard?

  14. What’s that movie about the ladies having man troubles?

    • Is it the one where they cry and eat like, way too much of a fatty food in one scene, because of said man troubles?

      • Downvote for double post, or downvote because hollywood likes to portray ice cream as a rare, desperation indulgence in highly overused scenes and you are a hollywood writer just putting the finishing touches to a similar scene in your Katherine Heigl movie?

    • Is it the one where they cry and eat like, way too much of a fatty food in one scene, because of said man troubles?

  15. What’s that movie based on a musical based on a movie based on a book?

  16. What’s that movie where a bunch of 20-something slackers mistake verbosity for smarts? I think Kevin Smith directed it.

  17. What’s that movie where Liam Neeson murders everyone with his fists?

  18. What’s that movie with that really attractive actress who is supposed to be a homely maid/waitress/cashier and doesn’t realize how beautiful she actually is until the end?

  19. What’s that movie about the sports?

  20. What’s that movie where Jennifer Aniston is single and dtf?

  21. What’s that fish-out-of-water movie where that guy overcomes great odds to dazzle and amaze the audience by whistling “georgia on my mind” through his teeth?

  22. What’s that movie where Quentin Tarantino gets all hot and bothered about feet?

  23. What’s that movie where there’s a horse that hangs out in WWI?

  24. What’s that movie where Gary Oldman didn’t get the Oscar he deserved?

  25. What’s that movie with the non-linear narrative that has a lot of plot holes but so many people like it anyways because it’s “cool” but then you’re like, “Well, there is no possible way for that to have actually happened because of that thing that happened earlier and the only way it could have happened is on a one in a million hunch?” and they’re all, “It’s a movie, anything is possible” and you get really mad and you don’t talk to them for like a week or two?

  26. ?chronology the with around plays Nolan Christopher where movie that What’s

  27. What’s that movie where the guy hates his office job?

  28. What’s that movie where Maggie Grace gets kidnapped? It might also be a TV show…

  29. What’s that movie that’s in black and white?

  30. What’s that painful romantic comedy with Katherine Heigl in it?

  31. What’s that movie where a girl works in journalism and can’t find a guy because she works too much and then because of a piece she’s working on she finds love, but it’s with that guy who she absolutely hates in the beginning?

  32. how come no one else is guessing? I’m totally winning!!!!

  33. What’s that movie where the nympho co-ed comes up with some sexy and creative ways of paying for pizza when she can’t find her purse?

  34. What’s that movie where Michael Fassbender gets naked?


  36. What’s that best party game where we use our basic knowledge of film tropes to make wry statements?

  37. What’s that romcom movie that just becomes a romance at the end?

  38. You’ll have to be more specific, time travel is a well worn movie trope.

  39. What’s that movie where one very special white person teaches a bunch of minority kids how to get out of the ghetto?

  40. What’s that movie where the really nice nerdy kid who has done well in all aspects of his life decides to chuck his success at the last 3 months of high school so he can be popular and fuck the prom queen?

  41. What’s that movie where Ernest goes somewhere to save something?

  42. What’s that movie where that actress wants to get married?

  43. What was that movie where the nerds get revenge on the cool kids?

    • The Nerds At Long Last Are Victorious In Their Many Diverse Endeavours, Painting Themselves As They Do In Broad Unrestrained Strokes Across The Canvas Of Life, Their Lack Of Restraint Fueled By Their Not Very Deeply Buried Resentment At The Injustices Inherent In Life, A Wellspring Of Rage But Also Of Wisdom, Earned Through The Cruel Attention Paid To Them By The Less Than Wise Cool Kids, Ironically So.

      Or at least that was the original title. You might know it better as “Ironically… So?” Starring Johnny Depp (post Gilbert Grape but pre Astronaut’s Wife) and Sasha Pharanziov von Hauffellengering der Wonderstuffen III.

  44. what’s the one that charlie kaufman directed?

  45. What’s that Keira Knightly movie where she comes across as really unlikeable?

  46. What’s that movie where Jackie Chan plays a shadow of his former self?

  47. What’s that movie where Keira Knightley looks really pretty in period costume?

  48. What’s that movie where the Olsen Twins act like assholes in a foreign country?

  49. What’s that movie where Eddie Murphy plays all the characters?

  50. What’s that movie with lots of cool music in it?

  51. What’s that original, thought-provoking movie with an intriguing plot, refreshing cast, and a fearless director? If I remember right, it didn’t have a ton of mass appeal or pretentious Oscar baiting “meaningfulness,” but Hollywood greenlit it anyway by virtue of its artistic merit and also its unique way of saying something that was both relevant to its time and place but also, in a strange but undeniable way, timeless in its themes?

    It’s on the tip of my tongue.

  52. the time machine

  53. What’s the movie where Brad Pitt is eating food in some scenes?

  54. What’s the one where Guy Pearce plays a guy with short-term mem-

  55. What’s that movie where everybody smokes weed and they are, like, stoned? And they keep saying funny stuff that doesn’t really make sense, because they are so stoned?

  56. What’s the one where Guy Pearce plays a guy with short-term mem–

  57. What’s the movie that centers around Nick Frost and Simon Pegg’s odd couple relationship?

  58. what’s that movie where a rich guy says something and dies?

  59. Hey what’s that movie about a crazy dude that’s like a genius or something?

  60. what’s that movie with the sociopathic high school bully who picks on the main character for no reason? i think it was made in the 80′s..

  61. What’s that movie where those guys are looking at security camera footage, then that one guy says, “Wait- back it up,” and then he has them freeze frame it and he says “Enhance. Enhance. Enhance,” and then he points and goes “There.”

  62. What’s that Michael Bay movie where there are all those cars and explosions?

  63. What’s that movie where somebody in it was in another movie with somebody who was in another movie with somebody who was in a movie with Kevin Bacon?

  64. What’s that Sophia Coppola film about disillusionment?

  65. What’s that movie where things are too fast and too furious?

    • What’s that other movie where some teenagers escape a catastrophic event with their lives, but then fate tracks them down and systematically kills them one by one?

  66. What’s that one movie about neurotic Manhattanites who talk about whether their lives are meaningful and who work for magazines and lead fickle romantic lives and eat Indian food all the time?

  67. My mother has been playing this game for YEARS: “What’s the movie about the boy who hears things?”

  68. What’s that Pixar movie where it won an Oscar?

  69. Whats that M. Night Shyamalan movie with the awful twist?

  70. Have you seen that hilarious movie about the guys that are friends? That was a pretty good spoof!

  71. What’s that Sean Bean movie where he puts on an American accent?

  72. What’s that J.J. Abrams movie with all the lens flares?

  73. What’s that movie with all the downvotes?

  74. What’s that movie where Einstein is young?

  75. Whats that movie where Naomi Watts is a crying mess but is still absolutely gorgeous?

  76. What’s that one Alison Brie scene that they turned into a popular animated gif?

  77. What’s that movie where people in Ancient Greece/Rome speak in English with British accents?

  78. What’s that schmaltzy movie about a horrific historical catastrophe?

  79. What’s that horror movie where the black people die first?

  80. What’s that movie about the talking dogs that has “Who Let The Dogs Out?” on the soundtrack?

  81. What’s that movie where Jean Claude Van Damme killed Raul Julia? I really want another Adam’s Family.

  82. What’s that movie where Will Smith fights the aliens?

  83. That indie movie with the hand-drawn titles?

  84. What’s that movie where the two people switch bodies for a while and learn something valuable about themselves?

  85. What’s that one movie where Sandra Bullock falls down a lot?

  86. What’s that show where Will Arnett is an spoiled arrogant jackass?

  87. What was that Will Ferrel movie where he took his clothes off?

  88. Which film was it where Spielberg shot his characters from the ground, as they were staring off at something in amazement? You know, the one with the kids in it . . .?

  89. What was the name of that one with Adam Sandler where he got all his buds together and stole a bunch of money from the studio so they could go on vacation together, then after he claimed it was a movie?

  90. I don’t get it.

  91. A hearty round of upvotes for all of my Monster pals! Don’t let the downvote tornado discourage you, this has been a truly fantastic Party Game event.

  92. What’s that movie where Kristen Stewart is miserable the whole time?

  93. what’s that movie where andy serkis, some tennis balls and a computer steel a job from a little person?

  94. Whats that Martin Scorcese movie about the gangsters? I think it had either Robert DeNiro or Leonardo Dicaprio in it

  95. What’s that movie with Denzel Washington where he plays an ordinary guy in extraordinary circumstances?

  96. What was that movie where New York or L.A. or whatever was like, another character itself?

  97. What’s that movie where a village hires some guys to protect their town even though they’re really just performers? There’s like a hilarious series if mistaken identities and then the heroes think it’s all an act but they find out it’s real right at the end?

  98. What’s that movie that features an actor hilariously playing multiple roles and Don Lafontaine says that actor’s name over and over, becoming more amused with himself with each mention?

  99. What’s that movie with Steve Buscemi when he had crazy eyes & bad teeth?

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