Let’s just get this out of the way: here they are if you want to watch/talk about them. What a boring year for Super Bowl commercials, though! I liked the one with the monkeys and the ones with the dogs, and that’s IT. Probably won’t even buy more than half the products this year.

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  1. “Rescue dogs so they can be your adorable beer slaves!” -Budweiser

  2. I think I’ll wait until Christmas to buy my girlfriend a car with one of those stupid red ribbons on top. Because those Christmas car commercials are basically real life.

  3. When I first saw “From Hasbro”, there was a moment of sheer unmitigated delight in anticipation of what was next. Then “Battleship”.

    Aww. :(

  4. My friend literally wrote the Kia Dream Car commercial!

  5. Big middle finger to Kia Motors for getting “Kickstart my Heart” firmly embedded in my head this Monday morning.

    Related: here’s the best part of that commercial put into a 1080p five hour loop

  6. Are we just about done with LMFAO yet?

  7. The best ad (“best”) was Will Ferrell’s, which only aired in Nebraska: http://t.co/WbOkylgx

  8. Superbowl ads follow the trajectory of the simpsons. They were revolutionary at one point & amazingly consistent past their prime, but now they’ve become predictable and full of jay Leno.

  9. I liked the one about John Carter because shirtless Tim Riggins.

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