The best thing about doing these weekly GIF round-ups is that no one gets to tell me which GIF I get to put at the beginning (except Gabe, if he wants), so I can pick whichever one I like the best (unless Gabe has a problem with it for some reason) (it’s never been a problem in the past, I’m just saying), and this week I get to pick a GOSSIP GIRL ONE! YESSSS! Hahah. Very exciting. I’ve had a lot of exciting moments in my life, for sure, but the moment during which I chose to feature a Gossip Girl GIF at the top of the weekly GIF round up — that’s right at the top. I fainted and died, and now I’m in heaven with all of the dancing angel GIFs. Anyway, TGIF! This has been a great week, guys. Let’s relive it together, huh?

Oh no, Nicholas Cage is going to stop experimenting with his hair!

Mitt Romney sang a song and said he’s not concerned about the very poor!

Kristen Bell had an emotional breakdown about seeing a sloth!

Gossip Girl aired its 100th episode!

A sexy woman took pictures of Peter Dinklage while he sat in a chair!

Channing Tatum pulled a prank, kind of!

Pee Wee Herman was on Top Chef for some reason!

And, finally, we all watch TV together.

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  1. disappointing lack of mmafightersuckingupvomit.gif

  2. I have to say, it makes me feel better as a human being to know that I am not the only female in her mid-20s who is excited to see Gossip Girl GIFs.

  3. Please. No more Peewee Herman gifs. I didn’t like those.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. rupaul’s drag race? anyone?

  5. The best part of the Leslie looking at Ryan Gosling gif is that the next slide is Joe Biden! Gif makers, don’t you understand??

    (I still love it so much, just to be clear.)

  6. The Tasti-D-Lite in which they shot this week’s 30 Rock was on the same block as my job. I saw Alec Baldwin between scenes and tried to steal breakfast from craft services table. That was a great day.

  7. Leslie said the Cypher was 5 letters.

    They were all suggesting “Pussy” not “Fuck”.

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