There’s really only one thing to say about this clip: JENNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

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  1. If I was one to use ringtones, I would totally have to be Marcel.

  2. Is it true Gabe Liedman was hiding behind the chair?

  3. I just listened to the episode of Comedy Bang Bang #130 that Jenny Slate guested on (or should I say Tampa Platt?) along with Bobby Moynihan and Elizabeth Laime.

    Jenny was absolutely fantastic, and didn’t miss a beat keeping up with Bobby Moynihan, who was only doing pretty much THE BEST characters, consisting of a ‘prankster’ Charles Barkley and Olive Platt’s prank-weary son ‘Fagin Platt.’

    Such a damn good episode. Lots of prank mentions.

  4. She’s pretty.

    I would boycott SNL post her departure but that show is too stupid not to watch, keep up with what the kidz are talking about, etc.

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