As they say, they can’t all be winners, and after Neil Patrick Harris’s tour de force performance last week, maybe the show is, how do I say this nicely because I certainly don’t make a 90-minute sketch comedy show every week and that must be hard, um, “honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by taking a break from being funny.” Host Rosario Dawson was…pretty, but only one sketch was 100% funny, but there were a few that were funny in parts. But Fleet Foxes were awesome! So here they are with the few funny parts, after the jump.

5. Digital Short: Homies. Okay, so this probably doesn’t belong here, because it’s being universally dissed as a weird-for-the-sake-of-weird cop-out. But just so we can discuss it: what is going on here?:

4. The “Gilly” sketch
was five minutes and thirty-three seconds long. Here were the only funny fourteen seconds:

3. The Dick Cheney/Diane Sawyer interview, in which Diane asks Cheney about his regrets, goes on for five minutes and twenty-eight seconds. Here’s the second, funny/absurd half:

2. Larry The Goose. With everyone else in the country trying to find new ways to make fun of geese last week after they caused a non-deadly, miraculous plane crash, SNL got into the act with an appearance by “Larry The Goose” on Weekend Update. This is worth it just for the Top Gun line:

1. The funny sketch
: Gitmo is going out of business. Everything must go:

The bright spots of this week’s show were the performances by Gummy Award winners Fleet Foxes. Is it just me or did they sound better than any other musical artist in an SNL performance in years? Maybe the show has a new sound guy or something:

Fleet Foxes: “Mykonos”:

Fleet Foxes: “Blue Ridge Mountains”:

And one last fun thing: as he did with Arcade Fire a while ago, The Lonely Island’s Jorma Taccone did his own little dance to Fleet Foxes rehearsal, much to Bill Hader’s dismay:

In two weeks, exciting news: the host is STEVE MARTIN!

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  1. Digital Homies was pretty funny, the rest were kind of ZZzzzzzZZZZZZ. Still, I’d love to take Rosario Dawson on a romantical winter getaway to beautiful Mount Airy Lodge. The Fleet Foxes can come too, but they have to get their own room.

  2. The roughest part of the Gilly sketch is noticing how uncomfortably unfunny the rest of the cast (except for Rosario) can tell the sketch is

  3. annie onymous  |   Posted on Jan 19th, 2009 0

    i actually thought the Aladdin sketch was great and the gitmo was wonderful. for some reason the d-short just made me increasingly angry. the interview skit would have been good if it was at least 2 minutes shorter.

    and fleet foxes just didnt do it for me – they werent bad but they werent all that interesting either.

    but rosario is still sexon two legs.

  4. When a sketch is as bad as the Gilly sketch, I naturally get bored. And then I fell in love with the hot girl in the striped shirt in the background. Therefore, it was one of my favorite sketches.

  5. ej  |   Posted on Jan 19th, 2009 +1

    I bizarrely loved the Gilly sketch. Not that it was actually funny per se, but it was just really creepy how Kristen Wiig looked with the dress/hair/weird facial expression. And I always am amused by the sketches where Will Forte repeats some phrase over and over again (like the “Don’t!” suicide sketch with Paul Rudd– not funny, but weirdly amusing).

  6. Here I go again:
    Whoops. Videogum hates Canada. And this time not a SINGLE ONE of those videos can be seem, other than the Fleet Foxes performances.
    I didn’t find much comedic value in those, but was deeply moved by Blue Ridge Mountains, for the 100th time. Good work FF. They looked so confused as to what to do after that performance, kinda waving/almost leaving.

  7. y  |   Posted on Jan 19th, 2009 +1

    Yeah, “just the funny parts” should really just be Gitmo. Everything else was terrible.
    I hope Steve Martin brings the funny next week.

  8. d@ve  |   Posted on Jan 19th, 2009 +3

    lol way to go jorma

  9. Chadams  |   Posted on Jan 19th, 2009 0

    I thguth they were re-running the Malkovich/T.I. show next week. Whose Steve Martin’s musical guest not next week?

    • Drew Sussman  |   Posted on Jan 19th, 2009 0

      They are running the John Malkovich / T.I. episode next (or this coming) Saturday. Steven Martin and Jason Mraz are scheduled for the following Saturday.

  10. The girl wearing the blue shirt in the ?gilly? sketch pretty much sums up how I felt watching most of this week?s episode. The Gitmo sketch was really funny though and FF were beautiful of course.

  11. I thought the “lurmin train” was very very funny, and it went downhill from there. but yes, fleet foxes converted me with their awesome live performance.

  12. Man, that Gilly sketch was painful to watch. I agree that Gitmo was the only legitimately funny sketch this week, with honorable mention for Larry the Goose.

    Jorma needs his own innappropriate dancing sketch.

    Also, Robin and the rest of the Foxes are so bashful it’s adorable. It’s always funny to watch how fish out of water acts like them react to being on that show.

  13. I DVR’d the show (I have a life) and was thankfully able to FF when it got too painful. Though I did learn that you can show bare ass on late night network television.

    Fleet Foxes were amazing, though I would have been surprised if they weren’t.

  14. owencafe  |   Posted on Jan 19th, 2009 +1

    Fred Armisen in the opening as the latin drummer was hilarious. Also, don’t forget “La Policia Mexicana”!

  15. i guess i look more at the performances of the actors than the sketches themselves— see Will Forte singing in homeboys, ad the dancing K in that lame discovery channel sketch, and him just saying Gilly… Kristen Wiig exploitng Diane Sawyers manuerisms, her face as Gilly, and that unbelievable speech during weekend update… also Fred and Hader always bring it…. and i thought the goose thing was lame

  16. Could not agree with your selection of the best material any less. Gilly? Seriously? And the Diane Sawyer interview featured probably the laziest sketch writing and weakest Dick Cheney impersonation I’ve ever seen.

    Fred’s character in the monologue, La Policia Mexicana, and Da Learning Train were all better than the above two sketches.

  17. The only redeeming part of the Gilly sketch is it made me think about how hilarious Amy Sedaris is and then I watched a bunch of Strangers with Candy.

    I’m frustrated by how the show has turned into Kristen Wiig’s 90 uncomfortable minutes of whatever weirdo of the week (BUT IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE THAT’S WHY IT’S SO FUNNY) that she came up with at 4am after three bottles of wine and a few orange vod-juice-kas.

  18. Nick  |   Posted on Jan 19th, 2009 -4

    Gilly was great. It was completely ridiculous in the best way possible.
    Wasn’t the Gitmo sketch on last week? Or did they do the same thing with another place? I swear I already saw it.

  19. K  |   Posted on Jan 19th, 2009 -1

    Kristen Wiig is amazing and always strong regardless of the writing; I’m surprised at the Kristen Wiig backlash. Maybe her ‘weirdness’ is overutilized when characters/sketches are put on the show each week. Gitmo was absolutely perfect.

  20. I know this makes me the bad guy, but what about the Fleet Foxes is appealing? I tried to listen to it, but lost interest in about a minute. Then the second song sounded basically like the first song. I know people like different music, and I never want to ask someone to justify enjoying something they enjoy, but people here are describing the FF as “amazing.” I mean, Beethoven is amazing. I find the whole catalogue of the Beatles’ work amazing… I fail to see the amazing in the two FF performances that, for my money, sounded like folk emo.

    • I felt the same way at first. it’s one of those things you have to let grow on you, and after I did, I realized there really were some good songs in there. not every one, and they’re not as life changing as people say they are, but they have an authentic knack for what they do.

  21. I used this SNL episode as a basis for my YOUTUBE REVIEW;

  22. Brian  |   Posted on Jan 20th, 2009 +1

    I only watched this episode to see Fleet Foxes, but still had been under the impresion that SNL had been getting better, but man, this was AWFUL. That Gilly sketch, which for some reason I watched all of, was one of the worst things i had ever seen. I mean it was a 20 second gag that revolved solely around Kristen (most overrated “comedian” in the country) Wiig making stupid faces and talking like a tard. You aren’t Chris Farley, you aren’t Bill Murray, You aren’t Adam Sander, You aren’t even Chris Katan. You just aren’t funny!!!!

    Oh, and when are they going to cut that new fat guy who looks like a young bob hope, and the fat chick who looks like a young Bob Hope. they are awful. And when are they going to finally add Jorma to the show. The one thing that i think can save this show right now is more Andy Samberg and Jorma stuff.

  23. mc  |   Posted on Jan 20th, 2009 0

    What about Kristin as Judy Grimes? So good. And Sudeikis as Ricky Gervais.

  24. julie  |   Posted on Jan 20th, 2009 -3

    It’s weird seeing my buddies playing on Saturday Night Live. I feel like one moment they were kind of popular and then they exploded! Awesome!

  25. a couple of homies  |   Posted on Jan 22nd, 2009 0

    the “couple of homies” sketch can be easily analyzed: it’s exactly what makes snl fans who happen to be incredibly high at the time laugh hysterically. I know because this was exactly my situation, and I now think of it as being one of the best digital shorts

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