Thanks, little guy. I wish you were a GIF that I could look at all day long. You are a true delight and a wonderful talent, but YOUR BREAK IS OVER NOW! GET BACK TO BABY WORK! (Thanks for the tip, Werttrew!)

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  1. What if his baby work is dancing? WHAT THEN?

  2. This is like M.C. Hammer meets Tevye. “Can’t Touch This If I Were A Rich Man”

  3. but can he do push ups?

  4. He earned that kiss. Keep it up you little dance machine.

  5. Did I miss the part where he sits in a chair and the woman takes photos of him?

  6. That’s just another blow to the video game industry. In this economy, we can’t afford to let kids do things that don’t cost money.

  7. obviously he is the best dancer, but also, mad props to the lady being able to smoothly glide around in those ridiculous heels on a marble floor.

  8. Saturday Morning Fever

  9. I’m okay with this.

  10. Someday I’m going to be a millionaire based on this concept I’ve been working on for several years. Here’s my plan.

    I’m going to invent a little robot human that dances like this in your house all day long. Just dances around, maybe sometimes knocking things over, but mostly just bringing joy to everyone in the house. TVs will become obsolete, anti-depressants will go out of business or whatever. The world will be happy again. Everyone will get home from work and sit in their living room watching this little robot man dance until it’s time to go to bed. Included in my plan is the added benefit that the robot people will not run on batteries, but have some kindof internal machinery that runs on candy and junk food or something. I’m still figuring this part out. Also, later models of the robot will actually adapt to your needs, so like, when you are younger they will make you laugh by dancing, and then as you get older they will get jobs and help take care of your medical expenses, and pick out your nursing home. Also, they will be relatively free to buy and instead of paying cash for them all you have to do is have sex. Flawless business model.

    I’m going to be so rich; you punks have no idea.

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