The man on the left of this photograph won a George Clooney look-alike contest (obviously he did) in Ireland, and the prize is getting to go to the Oscars! From Kilkenny People (via PopCultureBrain):

The competition was held in Dylan’s Whiskey Bar on John Street last Friday night. In the run up to the event entrants were asked to submit a photograph where they posed and dressed as the legendary actor, whose Kilkenny roots were confirmed late last year. Some 783 entries were received from all over the country and the organisers shortlisted it down to five before announcing the overall winner last Friday night.

“I decided to do it for a bit of craic, for the fun of it,” said winner David Glendon. The 27-year-old, who is currently single, is no stranger to acting, having recently set up Firebird Theatre. “I have been involved in nearly amateur group in the city. Our next production is on in Cleere’s in March,” he said. “I am delighted to have won. To go to the Oscars, well that would be anyone’s dream come true,” he said.

Mr Murray discovered last year that George’s antecedent was a Nicholas Clooney from Windgap. There was some previous investigation in 2008. The baptismal certificate of Nicholas Clooney, George’s sixth-generation ancestor, had not been found. A Fás community employment scheme recently computerised all the birth records in Ireland. When Gabriel discovered the relevant certificate last November, it revealed that Nicholas Clooney was baptised in Windgap church on 23 July 1829 and was from Knockeen, Tullahought.

Congratulations to David Glendon for looking almost EXACTLY like George Clooney, which is a reward unto itself.

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  1. He’ll finally be reunited with his Oceans 11 costar.

  2. “Oy, chaps! Innit Bloody Davey Glennon havin a laugh oer there?”

  3. Pictured (from left to right): George Clooney, Steve Buscemi and Alec Baldwin.

  4. He has the most Irish head I’ve ever seen.

  5. People must drink a lot in Ireland.

  6. Really? I thought this guy had it in the bag:

  7. It’s amazing how different the Downton Abbey cast looks in modern clothing.

  8. The winner of the Tom Wilkinson look-alike contest (pictured right) must settle for a trip to the Irish Emmys.

  9. I wonder which celebs he’s going to eat parfait with while he’s out there.

  10. Best prank yet.

  11. The greatest prank Clooney ever pulled was flying the winner of a George Clooney look-alike contest to the Oscars so he could use him to fake his own death.

  12. I’m not buying into that backstory. Show us the birth certificate!

  13. “said winner David Glendon. The 27-year-old, who is currently single”

    Haa, what? Not anymore buddy, go get em. Make sure you bring your certificate though.

  14. I was already planning on taking a shot every time they cut to Clooney during the telecast.

    Now I secretly hope they accidentally cut to David Glendon.

  15. What did the guy on the right receive for winning the Bob Odenkirk look alike contest?

  16. In light of this new definition of “lookalike,” I’d like to announce that I am the winner of the first annual World’s Best Gisele Bundchen Lookalike Contest. Yay me!

  17. This is why the Irish are impervious to psychoanalysis.

  18. this actually just an award for bringing the most stubborn friends to the pub. David Glendon won, as he only had to bring one.

  19. “No, shoot him! He’s the fake!”

  20. Haha, Gabe you dummy, you accidentally put up a photograph of George Clooney!

  21. It would be easy for me to get on his case for the ridiculousness of this whole thing, but I’ve also done things some may deem foolish for a bit of craic.

  22. Don’t knock it, it’s true – out of all the guys in Ireland, this is the one who looks most like George Clooney.

  23. This is clearly some My Lovely Horse scam so Ireland doesn’t have to pay to host the George Clooney lookalike wins a trip to the oscars next year.

  24. How about George Clooney look-nothing-alike. Please don’t go, it’s going to be an embarrassment at the Oscars! All the GC fans will kick your ass back to Ireland!

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