• Here is a picture of Bill Murray hanging out with the Korean pop group Girls’ Generation. Duh. What? I SAID DUH. -TheDailyWhat
  • Today I heard the most amazing news that I’ve ever heard in my entire life and it’s times like these where you really have to take a second and thank God for existing and doing everything in his power to make your life a living perfect dream. Guys. Listen up! ST. VINCENT IS GOING TO BE ON THE VALENTINES DAY EPISODE OF GOSSIP GIRL!!!!! It’s honestly very hard for me to think about anything other than this but I will try to move on. -Pitchfork
  • So apparently Bryan Cranston is going to be directing an episode of Modern Family. That’s something! We like him! Most of us, at least! I’m willing to bet! There’s no reason not to! Remember that Gossip Girl news?! -TVLine
  • Speaking of Bryan Cranston, here is an 16-bit RPG video game nerd words version of Breaking Bad! That’s a video! That College Humor made! -Uproxx
  • Do you have a car and would you like a GPS for your car? Yes? Ok, here’s another question. Would you like that GPS to speak to you in the voice of one of the cast members of The Simpsons? Yes? Ok, here’s another question. Why do you want that? -Gizmodo
  • Joan Rivers smoked pot on TV for some reason. Want to see that? Remember that announcement that St. Vincent was going to be on Gossip Girl? Isn’t that honestly the best news you’ve ever heard in your entire life? -BuzzFeed
  • Gwyneth Paltrow said some things in an interview, like about what if her daughter was a butch lesbian and how she goes on cleanses a lot, that you can read and roll your eyes at! -Dlisted
  • Nick Schenk, the person who wrote Grand Torino, has been hired to write the RoboCop remake. Oh, great! You’re so excited about this news! Almost as excited as you were when you heard about the St. Vincent/Gossip Girl news, but definitely not quite to that level! -FilmDrunk
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  1. St. Vincent on Gossip Girl? Glad she finally found some acting work.

  2. The thought of a surly, retired Robocop dealing with loneliness, depression and his deeply ingrained sense of xenophobia will get me through the rest of this day.

  3. There’s a Robocop remake Seriously? How do you remake a perfect movie? How does it feel going into a project you know will disappoint everyone including people experiencing Robocop for the first time? I’m sure his epitaph will probably read: “Nick Schenk – he knew failure was inevitable.”

    • The Robocop remake isn’t new news! A while ago Darren Aronofsky was attached to direct it for a hot minute before he was attached to direct The Wolverine for a hot minute. (I was excited about the latter). Now he’s directing neither.

  4. Oh there is video that accompanies Bill Murray & the Korean pop stars (with Regis as an added bonus) Enjoy:


    Don’t say I never gave you monsters anything.

  5. Why is Bill Murray still in makeup from his cameo in Zombieland?

  6. Oooof. Goop. I am a defender, but yiiiikes.

  7. Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  8. I don’t know if I’m proud or ambarassed that I knew it was Girl’s Generation before I read the words next to that picture. So confused!

    I always kinda like 2Any1 better, less text-book attractive but somehow compellingly hot in their weirdoness.

  9. Bill Murray whispered in their ears. What do you think he said?

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