Today marks the 30th anniversary of David Letterman’s first late night talk show. Uh, that is so many years. Like, that actually might be TOO MANY years. But congratulations!

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  1. All those years and he hasn’t changed any! I would have thought he’d be going by David Emailman by now!

  2. Hey! 30 years is not too many years, not that some monsters are freaked out by their swiftly approaching 30th birthdays or anything, but really, a perfectly reasonable amount of years. If anything, it is too few years, and a certain amount of idiocy and immaturity is forgivable still because that is so few years. So, yes. 100 more years or more for David Letterman and anything or anyone else who is approaching 30!

    Then, I held on to my butt.

    • Don’t worry, LBT. I turn 30 next week. Up to this point, I was pretty indifferent about the whole thing. “Whatever man, just a number. No biggie. Same old, same old”. And yet, now I find as the day grows closer I feel this small twing of doubt lurking up inside me. What is this feeling? What is happening to me?!

      What I’m saying is, being 30 doesn’t mean we can’t still be big ol’ goofs.

  3. Hey, remember when he was in Cabin Boy? That was a movie.

  4. If you can’t get enough Lettermania™ and/or you like self-promotion, then please consider reading a write-up I did of a Late Night book from 1985, which includes a short interview with Merrill Markoe and a reference to Voyagers!:
    Inside the Almost 100% Successful 1985 Late Night with David Letterman Book

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