• Paul Brittain is leaving Saturday Night Live! This week! FOR GOOD! Oh no! Are we ever going to see him again?! Do you think?! -EW
  • Good news, horse fans! The HBO series Luck, which had its premiere episode this week, has already been renewed for another season. Sounds pretty LUCKy right? LUCKy? -AVClub
  • This SEEMS like a music video, but where’s Gabe? Does he play Aubrey Plaza in it? -Stereogum
  • Reese Witherspoon has a very good question about Justin Bieber’s Fear remake dream. In fact, I remember someone asking this VERY SAME question in the comments of this post. Does Reese Witherspoon comment on Videogum? Click to find out! (JK.) (Don’t click to find that out.) -JustJared
  • Ugh, the American Idol guy is trying to get Obama to actually go on American Idol. And sing a duet with Al Green. Don’t do it, Obama! Nooo! -PopWatch
  • Uggie, the dog from The Artist, is going to take part in some sort of Oscars sketch. No word on where the dog from Beginners will be during Oscars night. -TheHollywoodReporter
  • Chris Gethard was on Conan last night talking about his book! Want to see him? -TeamCoco
  • Here is a supercut of a bunch of overhead shots from Wes Anderson movies. It looks nice! Very nice job, everyone. -TheDailyWhat
  • Nicholas Cage was introduced to his wax figure recently, and here is a photo of it. “Which one’s the wax figure even, right?!” is probably what you’re going to think when you see it. So let me be the first to say, I KNOW, RIGHT? -FilmDrunk
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  1. Paul Brittian? Is he the guy from Muse?

  2. Chris Gethard is pretty funny on an episode of the podcast Jordan, Jesse, Go. Everyone should listen to that.

  3. I am pretty sure the dog from Beginners is going to be hanging out with Tilda Swinton and Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling, Leonardo Dicaprio, and maybe Patton Oswalt. I think they will be going bowling, but you never know. They could find a Chilis on the way, and stop for some appetizers and margaritas. It’ll be a crazy night, anything could happen.


  4. The hair on that Nic Cage sculpture is now permanently out of date.

  5. OK OK OK I know I’m relying on this one a little heavily but I have such a good one and this is the last time I swear. Alright ready? Here it comes…

  6. i want sweets!

  7. If someone asked me how I felt about Paul Brittain exiting SNL, I would reply, “Forlorn… Michaels.”

  8. J. Tillman AND Aubrey Plaza? Jeezum cripes, that’s a dangerous level of concentrated awesome.

    • J. Tillman is awesome? He’s quit at least two good-to-great bands to pursue his solo stuff, which is marginal to say the least. Not to turn this into Stereogum, which is what I just did. Oops. Aubrey Plaze is awesome.

      • Aw, come on now. His early solo stuff was merely okay, but his last three albums were excellent. (If you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty fond of Singing Ax in particular.) But yes, let’s not get all Stereogum up in here. I don’t go there a lot, but is it just me, or are they kind of nasty to each other over there?

  9. my twitter page is a place of ruin and despair since I hear the news about Paul Brittain. I’ve taken to singing “Unbreak My Heart” with updated lyrics.

  10. Dude, Reese Witherspoon is either lifting my jokes off Videogum or maybe the other explanation is that I always seem to make jokes so lazy and obvious that even Reese Witherspoon can come up with the same exact joke on her won. Either way, call me!

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