Kristen Bell appeared on Ellen recently (to discuss the apparent reveal of “gossip girl”‘s true identity, I assume?) (which we’re going to talk about soon) (because what), and shared a VERY GOOD anecdote about the time her boyfriend Dax Shepard — Parenthood‘s Crosby — got her a sloth to hang out with on her birthday. Classic Cros. Dax filmed her reaction, so skip to the two-minute mark if you just want to see her crying A LOT about it. It’s very much worth seeing. Good job, Kristen Bell! You seem super sweet! Good job, Dax! You seem super sweet, too! Bad job, Gossip Girl, which we will talk about soon! (Via PopCultureBrain.)

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  1. Why does Kristen Bell always have to make it SO HARD to decide whether or not I like her? She was Veronica Mars! She loves her sloth, and has a great voice! But she also agrees to be in movies that Kate Hudson turned down and she is dating the guy from Punk’d, I guess? SO CONFUSING!

    • i know, right?! just like those singing politicians…

      • On the outside she seems adorable, but on the inside maybe she’s kind of not that adorable. That is pretty much all the excuse I needed to use this gif

    • Have you ever watched all her appearances on Craig Ferguson chronologically and back-to-back? After marathon watching Veronica Mars, that’s what I did next, pretty much forever imprinting an affection for her in my head.

      Which is also why besides Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I have pretty much avoided watching her in anything since then!

      • KajusX & Chainsaws,

        She is also good in Party Down. And the episodes of Deadwood that she’s in are intense. She even has a cameo in Pootie Tang.

        There are upcoming movies for her listed on IMDB. A lot of them sound like they could be pretty good.

        I have not watched all her CF appearance chronologically and back-to-back, but that sounds like a good way to keep “Veronica Mars Canceled” blues away.

        • OH FUCK. Of course she is! I just watched both seasons LAST WEEK while I was moving stuff around my new place. She is very good on Party Down, which is really where I think the problem people have with Kristen lies- She’s good in good things. She’s bad in bad things, and she puts herself in a number of bad things.

          But yes! Uda is ridiculously awesome in both her episodes, and I love how well her presence is suggested throughout season two with Henry answering phone calls from her and the like. (“Yes, I understand.”) LOL

          • Ok, I finally watched the clip, and I think that goes firmly in the “Kristen Bell is adorable” bank. Just my personal opinion, but I can’t deny that i really enjoyed watching that.

          • She was also good in her guest-spot on Deadwood, pre-Veronica Mars. I watched Deadwood AFTER Veronica Mars, and my face lit up when she showed up, but little did I know what her character’s arc was…

        • She is THE BEST on Craig Ferguson. Did you see her latest appearance? She brought out her own stuff to put on the desk and fought Jeff. It was so much fun to watch.

          Also, Craig Ferguson is the best. But I want him to stay on late night because he won’t get to be so weird if he’s playing to an earlier audience and his weirdness is what makes him great. And his Dr. Who love. And how all the really hot talented UK actors go on his stuff first, even if they’re just in the area and everyone goofs around for awhile.

  2. she could start a support group: Sloppy Sobbing Sleuths for Sloths

  3. Birthday Sloth means something very different to me.

  4. Well, that was certainly endearing.

  5. I can’t watch the video at work, so I’m going to assume this is the same birthday party where she made all of her guests dress like extras from the Hunger Games. The sloth was Peeta, right?

  6. Her movie choices (I’m looking at you When in Rome*) can be questionable, but being Veronica Mars gives her a pass on any rom coms.

    I follow her on Twitter, and she seems genuinely funny and down to earth.

    Plus she said she would finance a Veronica Mars movie if Warner Bros. gave up the rights. What’s not to love about that?

    *Her scenes with Dax Shepard in When in Rome were actually pretty funny.

    • When in Rome is literally the worst movie I’ve ever seen. It’s like something a 12-year-old who wants to be a screenwriter but has no concept of plot or character or, I don’t know, everyday life would write. To this day its existence amazes me.

      Also it’s the only thing that’s ever come close to damaging my affection for Kristen Bell. (This video more than restored it!)

      • I like Dax Shepherd. He was in Idiocracy, so he gets a pass. And as welcome to costco, i love you mentioned earlier, he was actually very funny in When In Rome. And he was very nice in person when I met him MINUTES after he got some gigantic arm tattoo that was so new it was covered in plastic wrap. Plus he’s always making fun of the fact that he looks like a blonde Zach Braff and that’s kind of sweet considering he does and it’s creepy and he acknowledges all of this… while inferring that Braff is awful without saying it.

        And don’t they rescue dogs a lot? I’m pretty sure they’re active in the dog-rescuing groups of L.A. (which is really REALLY needed).

        I like these two and they appear to actually like each other. Let’s not make fun of them and instead turn our attention to where it needs to be turned… WHAT THE SHIT GOSSIP GIRL??

  7. Where are slothdrop or supersloth? Pretty sure their opinions on the matter are the only one’s that count.

  8. How would you feel walking up to this?

  9. Yes, Studio Audience, Laugh at her earnestness and her tears! YES!

  10. I know we all hate pranks, but I kinda like Ellen’s pranks.

  11. I enjoy how actors/celebrities say their emotional scale is anything lower than an 11 – ever.

  12. I am seething with jealousy, what a cool girlfriend!

  13. I guess this is the sort of ridiculous life you lead when you chose to date a former professional prankster extraordinaire, huh? Bell got PUNK’D.

  14. We seriously need to talk about last night’s Gossip Girl. This subject is too important so I’m not even going to pretend like I care about the other things in this post!*

    *Not really true. I’m definitely going to watch this later.

  15. Won’t lie to you, fellow monsters, her reaction is not unlike the reaction I would have under similar circumstances.

  16. There is a gravely serious lack of live sloths in this video about meeting a live sloth.

    If I was a network exec, I might play it off to the producers and be like, “Kristen is great on camera, but I’m really just not getting enough sloth here.”

    But internally I’d be furious that she went on TV and built up this whole story prior to showing us the footage of what she looked like on the day she met a sloth, and then showed NO SLOTH.

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