If you’ve been following this at all, Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC now has more than a million dollars in donations, and last night Colbert took it back from Jon Stewart. That’s it for today in Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC news.

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  1. Every time I hear the term “Super PAC” it makes me think of “Pac-Man” and then I think about the arcade that used to be in my hometown and how they had a pizza that had the best sauce. It was like salty, but sweet. Anyway, haven’t had that pizza in years.

    What were we talking about again?

    • Doctor Who.

      • speaking of arcade games and doctor who, there is a record store in Chicago that has a back room full of vintage arcade games, including Doctor Who pinball. and they are all free! It’s wonderful.

    • I used to go to this great arcade, and play this amazing game, but then I moved and never found that game anywhere again. I didn’t know the name of it, but I knew that it was about two dudes who had to rescue hostages in a building with constantly-respawning robots, and they had to activate some switch to turn on the escalators to get up to the next level. In my old age, thanks to the internet, I was able to find this game. It’s called Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters. I was also able to realize that the hero of the game is so lazy that he refuses to walk up a broken escalator to save some hostages, choosing instead to find a way to activate it. I was really dumb when I was a kid.

    • I just found an arcade in my town, and it is awesome. There is no pizza, but the owner said you could buy food and bring it in and I bet there is decent pizza nearby.

      In other words, if I disappear, know I am in a better place (an arcade, with pizza. I mean, Videogum is great, but that arcade has space invaders. SPACE INVADERS.)

    • Just go to Dave and Buster’s like adults, people. God.

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