We can’t all be tiny babies doing pushups on bottles, but we all CAN get up, take a brisk walk around wherever we are, finish some work, pick up some things for dinner, and maybe read a book before we go to sleep! We can do that! So, c’mon! GET OUT THERE! (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. “Wow! This kid is inspiring and it makes me feel bad that he is more physically fit then I am. I really should start exercising and cut out eating junk. maybe even curb my drinking.” — My first thought.

    “How much wine could those bottles hold? I’d only drink out of the first two though, because he stuck his socky toes in the other ones.” — My second thought.

  2. “Hey Dad, could you maybe not count so creepily. I already agreed to do your dumb video, and you’re only making it worse.”

  3. Slow down. Hold on one sec. Don’t worry, there’s nothing pervy or pedophilly (pronounced like motownphilly) going on here. It’s just that the predator market’s thinning out a bit and I’m trying to branch into some other child endangerment verticals. This seems as good a place to start as any other so: here I am.

  4. Also known as Exhibit C in the The State vs. This Kid’s Parents

  5. i’ll show you I can do this too….once i finish all this Perrier

  6. I don’t see what the big deal is. This seems like a totally normal body for a 4 year old kid.

  7. One of the few youtube videos where I wasn’t rooting for someone to smash their face on something.

  8. Yeah, usually at about this time of day, when things really start to drag, I balance myself on a couple of empty wine bottles and make myself a microwavable peach pie or something. I guess I was just raised differently.

  9. Playing with Legos > push ups on glass bottles.

    Maybe I just lived a sheltered childhood.

    Who am I kidding? Legos are awesome at any age.

  10. Fake. If this was a real workout video, someone would have overlaid it with a Linkin Park song.

  11. Child bodybuilding: #newnationalpastime?

  12. The kid has bigger biceps than me. :(

  13. My little brother does this.

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