Personally, I don’t really understand the idea of an Oscar snub before the awards have even been handed out. I definitely think that the Academy, when faced with a multiple choice selection of possible winners often makes some pretty creatively bankrupt, politically savvy decisions that reflect much more the power of the Hollywood publicity machine and the empty-rhetoric of its moral core than any kind of reflection of talent or quality, and so in that sense one can be snubbed. But if someone didn’t get an Oscar nomination even, it doesn’t really feel like a snub. They just didn’t get one. Game over. End of story. Maybe they didn’t even deserve one! Did we consider that? Let’s move on with our PAINFULLY BRIEF HUMAN LIVES. (Especially this year, with all of the rampant Internet complaints about Oscar snubbage, it seems like some people are just mad that people they genuinely like for one reason or another didn’t get nominated for one of the most prestigious “artistic” awards in the world, and I get that, but it doesn’t speak to the quality of anyone’s actual work anymore than Crash winning for Best Picture had anything to actually say about race in America.) My personal issues aside, there were some actors (and actresses, and writers, and directors) that were not nominated this year but whom the fans believed deserved a nomination, and one of those actors was Ryan Gosling, AKA the reason straight people “accidentally” downloaded GRINDR to their phones. Now, after DAYS of speculation, the reclusive genius has FINALLY broken his LEGENDARY silence and let the world know just how he feels about his “Oscar snub.” E! has the SCOOP:

When asked if he felt snubbed by the lack of a nomination, Ryan said, simply, “No.”

WHOA! DID ANYONE JUST FEEL THE GROUND SHAKE? Powerful stuff. You heard it here second (after E!), folks. So intense. Everyone OK? Let’s sit down. #Celebz

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  1. The earth always moves beneath my feet whenever R Gos deigns fit to speaketh words at me

  2. “…one of those actors was Ryan Gosling, AKA the reason straight people ‘accidentally’ downloaded GRINDR to their phones.”

    You said you’d keep that under your hat! Sonofabitch!

  3. He knows that he doesn’t need an Oscar, because he has my love. It’s more valuable than any little golden man.

  4. Wow, he sounds like a real jerk.

  5. Listen guys; any awards show that thinks Shakespeare In Love is better than Saving Private Ryan is obviously complete garbage. So I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  6. “Hey girl, your eyes are all the sparkle i need.”

  7. That’s the same answer he gave when I wrote to him asking if he wanted to go bowling with me.

  8. “No, It’s an honor to be considered worthy of the speculation that I SHOULD have been nominated.”

  9. This could get ugly if the same protesters who burned down People headquarters in the wake of the Sexiest Man Alive scandal set their sights on the Academy…

  10. Crash winning for Best Picture had everything to actually say about race in America.” -Spike Delahaye

  11. Just watch. I bet you ten million dollars this goes viral. By sometime next week people will be answering simply “no.” to everything and I’m going to have to break their ridiculous snarky little trend setter two year old necks.

  12. E Channel sucks so hard. A simple fart as he turned and walked away from them would have been sufficient.

  13. Alex Lane  |   Posted on Jan 30th, 2012 -3


  14. I would’ve been OK if the Academy had just snubbed Ryan Gosling, but it snubbed Michael the last Fassbender as well. That is unforgivable.

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