Nicolas Cage, the American actor, has a long history of “eccentric” hairstyles. Who could forget the gray mop of Sorcerer’s Apprentice (still the #1 movie in America, 74 weeks running!) or the Mrs. Gene Simmons look of Bangkok Dangerous (now out on VHS!)? Well, those heady days (get it?) are over, as Mr. Cage has said in a recent interview that at the tender age of 48, he is done “experimenting” with his look. From ONTD:

The 48-year-old actor used to enjoy changing his hairstyle but insists he now plans to stay the way he is and won’t be growing out his locks in the near future.

Discussing his role as Cameron Poe in ‘Con Air’, he told Empire magazine: “The look was a little bit country, more of a Southern look from the 70s.

“I’ve always tried to experiment with different looks, but I’ve stopped doing that now. You probably won’t see me doing any different hairstyles for a long time.”

You could write a whole magazine article investigating why this magazine article was discussing Nicolas Cage’s role in Con Air. We’re gonna need a dumber Pulitzer! I love Nicolas Cage’s implication here that he has always been in charge of his looks. The costume designer worked meticulously with the director to create an atmosphere for the movie, except when it came to Nicolas Cage, who everyone agreed should be left to his own Faced Devices, because he’s a Head Genius. In any case, it’s just nice to see him settling down and being more comfortable with himself. And I’m sure whichever wig he has permanently soldered to his hamburger scalp can, with enough time and money and black market surgical procedures, be removed and replaced with a longer, uglier wig in the event that he does change his mind.

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  1. This article SHOULD win a Pulitzer. They actually got Nic Cage to make a rational decision about something.

  2. My hair is a bird…

    …now and forever.

  3. I hope this means he’s only going to have his Raising Arizona hair from now on.

  4. He says that now, but just wait until he starts promoting Japanese Ghost Wicker Man:

  5. In all seriousness, though, what does his hair even look like at this point? He’s just bald, right?

  6. Whatever he does, I support Nicolas Cake and his head decisions.

    Sorry, Nicolas CAGE
    It’s Lunchtime.
    I’m Hungry.

  7. Nicolas Cage, Colm Meaney, John Cusack, Mykelti Williamson, John Malkovich, Steve Buscemi, Ving Rhames, Dave Chappelle, Danny Trejo, and Videogum’s own Doug Stodden!

    If that’s not the most loaded cast in the history of film, then I don’t know what is.

    Con Air 4 Lyfe

  8. Hair Raising Arizona
    Wind Swept Talkers
    The Feathered Man


  9. But when does he decide to retire from acting?

  10. SHARING TIME! We all must have favorite Nic Cage movies. Mine is Face/Off.


    • Toss up Between Con Air and Bad Lieutenant

    • Depends on what you mean – for example, if you mean “Your favourite movie…with Nic Cage” then the correct answer is Raising Arizona.

      But if you mean “Your Favourite Nic Cage Movie” then the only correct answer there is Face/off.

    • Seriously?
      Adaptation., Raising Arizona

      The Rock, Con Air

      I’m sure Bad Lieutenant would be on their somewhere, but I still haven’t seen it!

      • Leaving Las Vegas? No? Where he still got to piss about but also acted and it was romantic? (Bad Lieutenant: Assigment Miaim Beach is godawful lady-hating poop with one nice shot of some lizards.)

        • I’ve heard to get the full enjoyment out of BL:PoC:NO you first must listen to a particular interview with Werner Herzog where he discusses his intentions with the film and his processes in making it. I have the mp3 of the interview, but I have not listened to it yet.

    • Real movie: Adaptation

      Popcorn: National Treasure

      After half a bottle of wine? Sorcerer’s Apprentice. That movie DESERVES to be at the top of the box office 74 straight weeks in a row. And it has Jay Baruchel as every character he’s ever played… but this time he’s the reluctant apprentice to a sorcerer! To impress a girl! It’s an amazing movie when you’re intoxicated. I have seen it sober and not so much.

      • I like Jay Baruchel, and yes, he is always Jay Baruchel inn every movie and show ever. Undeclared = Knocked Up = Tropic Thunder = She’s Out of My League = How To Train Your Dragon = Sorcerer’s Apprentice = Etc, etc, etc

        • I like him too! I really like how he gets into crazy capers that he had no interest in being in… HOW WILL HE GET OUT OF THIS MESS??? It’s like the :45 minute mark of Charmed. You know they’re going to use the power of three… but HOW?


      Seriously: Adaptation, Wild At Heart, Leaving Las Vegas, Raising Arizona, Lord Of War, Matchstick Men

      Popcorn: Face/Off, Vampire’s Kiss, Con Air, Bad Lieutenant, Kick Ass, The Rock, Drive Angry

  11. Now how am I supposed to tell which terrible Nic Cage movie I am watching.

  12. Nicolas Cage: The American Actor

  13. Maybe he should stop experimenting with shitty movies and focus on creating a better hairstyle for himself.

  14. What about chest hair? Because that triangular Valley Girl look really works for me.

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