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  1. I would just like to say how happy it makes me 1. that HBO took a chance on making a fantasy series, and 2. that they did a good job.

    It could have been a real disaster and if it had been, we wouldn’t likely see anyone else trying out the genre on TV for years.

  2. Gabe, PLEASE do Game of Thrones recaps this season. As much as I like reading the Walking Dead ones (it’s the only reason I still watch the show, which is kinda messed up), I miss reading a recap of a show you actually enjoy but still are able to poke fun at (LOST).

    • Dragon baby bump. PLEASE GABE

    • So agreed. Though, I don’t think stopping the WD recaps will help. My girlfriend asked me yesterday why we’re still watching it, and I couldn’t really answer that question. I’ve read the comics to date, I know what happens, and I don’t really care about the characters on the show at all. I dunno…I feel like an idiot that I can’t just let go of something involving zombies. Am I any different than lame vampire fangirls/fanboys? What is wrong with me?

    • YES PLEASE. Or at least an open thread? I will refresh it hundreds of times. That’s how you guys make money, right?

    • SEVEN HELLS, GABE! I need this to happen.

  3. Gabe, just do whatever feels right in your heart. You clearly have an unusually heavy burden of responsibility here, but you can do it. Clear eyes, blah blah …

  4. So excited! I’m on the third book. I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT THING THAT HAPPENS AT THE WEDDING AT THE TOWERS!!! No spoilers, but holy smoke season 3 can’t get here quickly enough because that thing that happens is really something.

    • Hey woah dude, even your vague description is a little spoilery. But depending how they split up the book, that shit might not even go down until the beginning of season 4 (though it definitely feels like a season 3 closer to me).

      Also, if HBO cancels that show prematurely, I will be very, very sad.

      • It’s not spoilery unless you’ve read the books. There is a wedding in some towers and something happens there.

        I don’t think HBO will cancel it, it’s such a huge hit. I am a little worried about them not breaking even though, when I think about how much money it must cost to have a billion characters and locations all going at the same time. I’m going to start buying episodes from itunes (can you do that?) instead of stealing them from the internet for free, just kidding SOPA!, to give them some of my money in exchange for making a thing that I enjoy so very much.

        • it still is though, because now when that scene happens, people will know SOMETHING big is about to happen, if not what, exactly. It takes away the surprise. You spoiled it.

          Side note; yes, that part of the book is amazing and I can’t fucking wait to see it unfold on TV

  5. Because this show is the best and I am reading the books obsessively, I second the recap request. To put my perspective in SAT analogy terms, I am to Game of Thrones as those people who wish Avatar was real are to Avatar.

  6. Dang! April 1 is so far away!! While some good stuff is on TV these days (Justified) it just feels like kind of a lull right now. CANNOT wait for GoT!

    I’ve read all the books but it’s been just long enough for the show to surprise me on little things I’ve forgotten. And, no spoilers, but if y’all who have not read the books think it’s been good just wait till they get into the real meat of the stories. Season 1 was like a prologue.

  7. Did anyone else feel like drop-kicking their copy of A Feast For Crows after they finished it?
    Don’t want to risk venturing into Spoiler Territory, but that book was such a slog to get through.
    And now I can’t start a Dance With Dragons cause school started back up! Ugh!
    Oh, yeah, Season two looks like it’ll be good.

    • i just finished the green book? (i’m too lazy to look up titles…i think book 3?) and was so mad. I think i’m done with them….though i have the red book just sitting here…waiting… “Well, you never know…” it keeps saying, “things might work out….”

      It’s just…i wish i would have waited for the show, y’know? but i didn’t. because i’m dumb/impatient. oh well. what can you do? complain?

    • Is that the 4th one? I haven’t read it, but I hear from friends that the 4th is slow and has all the boring characters, but the 5th follows the same time line and has all the good ones. “It gets better”

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